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Help me to keep my face

Hi everyone
I am a newbie in the art of using a cut throat razor. It was my birthday recently and I asked for a Cut Throat, Strop and paste I already had a Super badger bristle brush and the soap along with a Mach 3 bladed razor (all 3 from Taylors of Old Bond St).
So is there anyone with suggestions on website addresses with info on how to shave with a cut throat or can give me tips the ones I have looked at seam to conflict i.e one says lay the blade flat another says raise it slightly I seam to cope except when shaving my left cheek under my nose and under my lip please help either through the forum or private e mail
Thanks Steve
I would suggest looking at both. Lynn's is hands on, and narrated I watched it first. The one by Christopher Moss you can print out follow illustrated and numbered steps.
The recommendations mentioned here are excellent and you should follow them. My bit of advice is go slow and master the easy parts first. Gradually you'll get to the whole of your face. Everybody has to figure this part out for themselves. Use the angle that is most comfortable for you. Some like a real steep angle others don't. Experiment, but go slow. It'll come in time.

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