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A friend of mine gave me a str8 that has ARSA 10 one one side of the tang and M. Sahler Germany Soligen-Wald on the opposite side. I can't find anything about this razor. I can put up pictures later if needed. :confused:
pics will help.

Problem is that there were stacks of straight makers back in the day, and heaps of them would stamp their blades with a shops name, rather than their factory name - so it makes it hard to work out exactly what it is.

Maybe someone else has some better info?
After quite a long search on the web I was able to determine that the blade maker was Max Sahler, and the company was ARSA. I have asked the moderators for permision to post pictures of the str8.
My questions are as follows: Does anyone know anything about ARSA or Max Sahler and are these scales vintage or just thrown on. The scales are warped slightly and as far as I can tell have not been repinned. I saw that at SRP a couple of years ago someone had the exact scales and after quite a discussion there was no difinitive answer.


With scales like that, dating the razor isn't hard, is it? As a very general rule, anything from Soligen-Wald during that time frame should be good steel. With regard to those scales... ....some manufacturors, such as Germania, were nationalized by the Nazis. Apparently others chose to glorify Nazis. While the scales likely are of value to collectors, I don't think I'd be too thrilled to own it.
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