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Hello from PA

Hi, new wet shaver here who used cartridges and electric razors most of my life and decided to change it up due to costs of cartridges going out of hand, criminally gouging with their prices. I'm totally enjoying this new hobby and glad I made the change as its now a pleasurable morning routine for me. I started off with the Van Der Hagen adjustable futur clone and had no trouble adjusting to this type of shaving. At first I just used it around my beard. Then I mowed the beard down to a goatee, then finally shaved that off and have been clean shaving. I then bought a Razor Rock lupo .72 and a Supply SE (3.0 with hybrid OC). I've been using the lupo on my face and the Supply with open comb on my body in the shower. I've been having some really great shaves with the lupo 72. I'm considering getting the .58 and .95 OC for that razor. Recently I bought the WSC 'Merica razor and seem to be nicking and tearing up my face every time I use this razor, particularly around my chin and under nose area. I was looking for a more mild shave as I liked the lower settings on the futur clone, but seem to not be good with mild razors. I'm going to stick with the lupo as I was getting much better shaves without cuts and major irritation for days. I got anything but a mild shave with the Merica razor with Dorco Prime blades. I had no trouble with any of my other razors either. I'm still trying to figure out why I get such a horrible shave with the Merica razor. I'm still honing in soap lather and blade combos to chase my ideal shave. Debating keeping the Merica razor just for the short and heavy handle. I'm a QA Engineer with Autism so highly detailed observations are my thing. Looking forward to share my findings on product quality.
Welcome! I'm new to this as well and have had much better shaves (less irritation) with more aggressive razors and sharper blades; sounds like you may end up in the same boat. I just picked up the Lupo 95 OC and like it a lot. I look forward to following your observations.
Just a reminder that even the mildest DE blades are still "razor sharp." The 'Merica is a relatively mild razor so you are likely introducing some pressure, the blade choice isn't helping. Try a blade sampler from tryablade, specifically the Personna Lab Blue as they are called(but not by the manufacturer). It's good that you are starting with something efficient like the Lupo, you will have a solid reference for other razors.

Welcome to B&B! 😁
Welcome to B&B
You found the right place for all things shaving.
decided to change it up due to costs of cartridges going out of hand, criminally gouging with their prices.
:a14:Good Luck! If you want to save money, go back to the cartridges (I'm kidding!). A lot of us have spent more money on wet shaving than we ever worried about in the cartridge days.
Seriously, Best wishes and give yourself time to lear about this great hobby.
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