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yes your right, the handle is like the streamline nice and solid, I got one of those in a wrong case a while ago, cleaned it up in some hot soapy water and That bad Boy Shines like New "Gold Color" Probably had some good plating those star razors, I heard they were pretty cheap "Compared to Gillette's" back in the days :eek:)
I've got one of those Star DEs. It's a decent razor, shaves sort of like a Gillette Tech. Although the handle superficially resembles a Streamline, I can tell you as an owner of both that in person and in hand, there is absolutely no comparison. The Streamline is heavier, much higher quality, better plating, and better finishing. Comparing the two is like comparing a Yugo and a Rolls Royce. Yeah, they've got 4 wheels and a gasoline engine in the front, but that's where the resemblance ends!
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