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So im new to de shaving and bought a Lord L6 as an addon item to get free shipping from amazon and decided I liked de shaving more than cartridge shaving(money savings are gonna be a huge plus as well) and decided to get something a tad bit better. Would the Gillette Tech be a decent improvement shave wise? After a bit of looking I see all sorts of versions for vintage razors which confuses me but I understand one of the main draws to them are that they are made of brass and thus pretty durable. When they say its all brass do they mean the head as well or just the handle?

After searching ebay a bit I found these and was wondering are they all brass head included or just the handle? Are the gold ones all the same? Is the silver the same as the golds or is it different?

The Gillette Tech is an inexpensive mild shaving razor that gives a comfortable pleasant shave. But if you have tough whiskers, you may need to add a shim under the working blade, or do a fourth pass, if your goal is a close shave and an ultra-smooth face.

The differences among the models are slight. I personally prefer the thick handled models, as the heavier handles increase the aggressiveness a bit. I have several Techs and they shave similarly. Don't overthink it. It's only "a blade holder" and the blade does the actual work.

I consider the humble Gillette Tech to be the "Volkswagen Beetle" of the world of razors. That's not meant derogatorily.


Cheaper than ink
Yes, those are all brass. Some nice razors there, get one and enjoy it.

The faceted top cap that came in the late 1960s is zamac. Nothing wrong with that as they last very well ... I used one for years and it provided a great shave. It was my only razor and still looks like new.

Looks like this pic from Mr-Razor
If you like the L6 you will probably like the Tech. The techs break down into 3 categories. Before ww2, after ww2 up until the mid 60’s and mid 60’s on.

The post war techs are all roughly the same until the 60’s when they introduced the faceted zamak cap. The post war techs are some of the most popular razors out there.

Pre wars are a bit more aggressive. The zamak cap ones are fine shavers very similar to the post war tech but can’t be replated.
I've tried all of those and of that lot, I like the Ball-end Tech. Having said that, I don't think you'll go wrong with any of those you've listed. Enjoy!
The Techs are great shavers, my Z4 Gold ball end tech is one of my favorites! Get one of those you listed and you won't be sorry!!!

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