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Head Shaver's Check-In

OK Gents:

I've seen every other kind of check-in except "Head Shavers" Shout out; let us know if you are a head shaver. Let us know your special techniques. Let us know if you are bald for real or just like to shave your head. If you are in the mood, let us see a photo of the head. Let us know what problems you have shaving your head.
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I have been shaving my head for two years; wetshaving for the last two months. I use to get it done at the barbershop. I purchase expensive special razors to do it. I have not actually started going bald yet. The barber wet too low one week, several ladies told me it was sexy and I have not looked back since..:)

I have issues with getting behind the ears, the very center on top, and a few spots in the back.

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I shave my 'nogging' once a week (Sundays...1 pass w/ touch-ups), using my Merkur 23C (because of it's light weight [2.1oz], and long [3¾ in], handle), VDH Deluxe soap and Shark
SC blades. I find that this razor because of the above attribute gives me ease of manoeuvrability (I guess my 'nogging' is kind of flat on top and generally smooth, and round).

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"Don't ask the barber whether you need a haircut [or shave]". Daniel S. Greenberg
I admit I use a Head-blade for the noggin. Have done it with a DE but I have a spot that is a serious bleeder and to make it worse I can't see it it to well.
Been a head shaver for about 3 years. Started with carts but led to a bloodbath. Used clippers at 0 for a while, but since I started DE shaving I now use my old electric. Don't have the cajones to use a DE on my head.
I shave my head 2 times a week. I use electric clippers, the Andis brand. I did several DE head shaves and they were great. I might revisit the DE head shave.
2-3 times a week for me, been doing it maybe 17 or 18 years. I use whatever soap I used on my face that day, and shave with Wilkinson Sword Extreme III. It shaves as close anything possible can, BBS. Razors aren't sold here so I stock up when I go back home to the UK. (I'm not bald by choice!)
Part of my regular shave routine; 2 passes on the head w/ buffing in the back, then 3 passes on my face leaving me as smooth as the proverbial light bulb.

Shave the noggin every night during my shower.
Still using the Fusion on my head.
Some hair COULD grow... but the forehead is pretty high, and I imagine the "bird's nest" is a pretty good size by now... it's been over 5 years since I've had more than stubble on my head.

Best picture I have is from a Halloween party in '06 before I started growing the 2nd to the last incarnation of my beard... so I had to go with a stick-on:
Started shaving my head 2001 - in 05 I walked into an Aos store and promptly walked back downstairs and picked up a best badger brush on sale at Ct&e. Christmas 06/07? my wife got me the Aos chrome fusion Gillette set. I saw the light on August of this year when I picked up a 34hd and a sampler pack from wcs. The forum triggered my ad and lo and behold - birth year slim j3! I shave my head every other day with the slim. I'd head shave everyday but I seem to get better results when shaving every other day.

Slim set on 3 - at least two passes on the head - 3 passes on my face.
Finally did it - Shaved my head today. Feeling very cold and naked at the moment, but otherwise like the look. I was maybe 65% bald and think the shaved noggin actually makes me look younger. I was surprised at how long it took to shave ... OMG, I don't think there is a single flat spot on my entire head! Only a tiny bit of the blade ever touches at one time. Hope the maintenance takes less time than the first shave.
I am a voluntary bald guy. I am pretty bald even without shaving now a days.
I use a Mach 3 usually, a Futur occassionaly.

Mach 3 works fine on the head as opposed to the face. No irritation and bbs. And the cartridge lasts a good while, so really no reason for me to use a DE up there.
Been doing it for about 3 years now been using a Headblade with Personna carts, but just started a Gillette Guard and I hate to say I like it a bit more for those pesky locations
I'm still using the Fusion on my head.
Toulouse, you'll get better as you learn your hair patterns and head shape, same as your face.

When another thread was talking about an article from a guy who claimed that a man should be able to shave in 30 seconds, I thought "Hmm... I wonder"
So I timed myself.

From the completion of applying HeadSlick and picking up the fusion to when I duck for the rinse (I shower-shave), I can complete my noggin to BBS in 3 minutes.
I have been shaving my head for about 12 years. I usually use a Mach 3 but started DE shaving again just recently (although I grew up with DE - I am an old fart). Like many, the moment I went back I was surprised and pleased with the result. I've spent a bit getting the gear and have a mild case of Acquisition Syndrome but my investment will be paid off within a year at this rate. Much cheaper and much nicer. I was getting thoroughly annoyed with the high priced blades and the hype.

I was a bit hesitant to do the noggin since I had not gotten my technique back from when I was shaving all the time with DE. However, I shouldn't have been worried. It was a piece of cake - no nicks and a fine shave. I used a canned shaving gel because it is just easier to get good coverage. Like most, the area around the ears is the most problematic (with any shaver).

I originally started because I was tired of the receding hairline and bald spot on the top. It wasn't terrible and, surprisingly, it hasn't receded too much more since I started shaving it. I wouldn't go back to growing hair again - I like my look.
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