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Hat blocking

I have a wool felt stingy brim fedora by Bailey of Hollywood that needs dry cleaning and blocking. None of the dry cleaners in my area know the first thing about hats. Does anyone know of a good online cleaner? O
Maybe an email to Mr. Graham Thompson of Optimo Hats in Chicago...as the manufacturer of Public Enemies hats i think he could give you an expert's advice or another address to talk to...Have you already contacted Bailey factory? Maybe they can give you a good hat cleaner address...
I wouldn't have thought a good wool felt'd need drycleaning. Just handwash it gently and reshape, then leave to dry but not in the sun. I've had my Stetson out in severe rain for an hour and it laughed it off and this actually gave me a good chance to get it looking how I wanted. Or is reblocking something technical I'm not aware of maybe?