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Happy Father's Day B&B

As I prepare to spend the next three weeks on the 'Left Coast', I am most looking forward to being reunited with my son after two years apart since he moved out to L.A.. I lost my father before I was two years old, but I learned about fatherhood from my own son. He and I are best friends and he is whom I aspire to be most like. My Hero. My Son.
So whether you are a father or a son, Happy Father's Day!
That's a nice post! While my father is still living, I "lost" him to divorce when I was three. He and I are friendly and in touch, but I always strive to be the dad he wasn't. Good on you for being such a good dad!
I spoke with my father today. We are on seperate coats, well almost. he's in Boston, and I am in Vegas. he really likes wolves, so I got him some shirt that is supposed to be a huge seller right now. Some wolves howling or singing thing. I'm not sure. but he really liked it.

My father and I are alot alike, but extreemly different at the same time. Kinda funny, the older I get the more alike we are, but odley enough, the more opposite we are.

We both pick up weird hobby's and get into them full fold, no holds barred! I can't get him to try wet shaving though. He uses and electric.
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