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Hang or Stand — AN EXPERIMENT

Don't forget about the other end of the brush too.
I have several wood-handled vintage brushes with a cracked and/or flaked finish on the end, from standing them bristles up without (the handle) being thoroughly dried, or from standing them on a damp surface.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Thanks, Jim, but I think I can do better. You are obviously unfamiliar with the Ouch International business model, to wit:
We take the money and don't mail out squat.

If you feel you can improve on this battle proven plan, feel free to contact me.
Ah, I like it. Expenses are considerably reduced.

Of course, it needs improvement.

We'll answer the phone and take the credit card orders, and do 100% of the work, and send you a check. However, with no products for gentlemen to brag on, you will have to do some serious advertising, social media reputation revision, so I'll put you in touch with our ancillary services departments.

Also, my cousin is a lawyer.

Advice hereby offered is gratis: Your products are so wonderful that it really would be a service to the gentlemen of the wet shaving world were you to make them available. I understand the hassles involved, but we can help, and we would also suggest a substantial price increase after a brief introductory period to get the word out about your clever inventions and beautiful additions to any home.

Happy shaves,

My concern would be that no matter which way you dry the brush with daily use it never truly dries, I suspect that this is the reason most of us have several brushes so that you can let each one dry for 2-3 weeks between usage (that's what I tell my wife) so that nothing is growing in it. As a side note I don't dry my brushes standing up due to the fact mineral and soap scum started collecting on the bottom of the brush handles due to little air circulation between the brush and the counter.
Here is my post from August 24th about how my hanging boar brush took about 12 days to get bone-dry, as determined by mass measurements:

Hanging Boar Brush Took around 12 Days to Get Bone-Dry

I'm currently collecting more data in the long-term. It appears that what seemed to be bone-dry was not actually bone-dry. My brush is still losing mass.
Shaving is just scraping whiskers with something sharp. I don't ever want to take it too seriously. LOL


Remember to forget me!

Barring experiments just for the sake of experimenting... I can only agree with you 100% Al. :thumbup1:

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If you only have one brush you're just like almost everyone except us.
Yup! Just one brush here. No need to get another unless this one starts going bald.

I'm not averse to picking up a spare before this one conks out altogether, but I certainly wouldn't want two in the bathroom at the same time. I feel bad enough when there's two razors in there at the same time.
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