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Haberdashery Resources

Hi All,

Just cleaning up the Sticky section and compiling a few threads that might be of common interest to The Haberdashery. I will be adding/removing as time goes by. For now, this is a start. I hope this proves useful. The active threads will remain as they were, so they are easy to find. I have posted the informative, yet inactive stickies to this thread. Please let me know which threads you've seen that contain valuable information by replying here. Thank you.

General Footwear:

Footwear of the Day

Shoe Shine Tutorials

Alden Shoe Restoration v. B. Nelson Shoe Restoration

Let's talk dress shoes...

New John Lobb Shoes

Shoe polish questions

Question about shoe trees

Cowboy boot question

Let's Talk Shoelaces

How Often Should I use Reno Mat and/or Cream Polish?

Footwear of the Day

Size info for my first western boots.

Wrist Watches:

Watch Ya Wearing

A decent leather watch strap

3 expeditions in 6 months time for a new watch

Seiko Turtle. Finally.

Seiko Vs Citizen


Briefcase - Messenger - Commuter bag advice

best travel bag? saddleback leather vs filson

Interim Low-cost Briefcase

Carry bag/messenger bag etc for 2 laptops?


Need Dress shirts

Made to measure dress shirts

General Men's Suits:

Thoughts on where to go for a bespoke suit???

Suit for black tie optional wedding

Clothing Accessories:

Change of Knot

What colour pocket square?

Bigger guy, bigger tie?

Quality belt?

Advice on neck tie width...and knots


Flat Caps

Clothing Care:

What Do You Do To Make Your Clothing Last a Long Time?


Advice About Eyeglasses


Looking ahead to winter - coat advice
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