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Great Shave Finds In Our Great Southern Lands

Hi Guys.
If you find a shave artisan or a shave item that is uniquely Aussie or Kiwi post about it here and where to find it. Preferably the out of the way places or soaps, aftershaves, brush manufacturers or whatever that is not available online from overseas. Even is you find a great barber let us all know. I would qualify that as a traditional barber that provides outstanding old fashioned, old school service.

If you find an place that makes aftershaves locally even better. For those that don’t know you cant ship after shaves with alcohol in them by air so that rules out most of the great aftershaves form the USA.

You never know they might be just the thing they need to really get it off the ground.

I will kick it off with Windsor Grooming Shaving Accessories - Shave Stick for Men.


As far as I am aware it is not available outside Aussie. You can buy it from the Shaver Shop for $3 adds some market stalls like they have at Vic Market or South Melbourne market that stock hairdressing supplies for about $2.50. This stuff smells great and performs better than Arko IMHO YMMV. The two in the photo above I will PIF at some point soon. The scent reminds me of a gentleman's club I use to fix their copier in way back when, I am not sure exactly what it is but I do like it. It is cheap and mass produced and made in Australia. Well worth a shot.

What can you guys come up with or what have you already found ?
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I've just recently received a shave soap from Jeymar soap and body, along with a few of their sampler soaps. They make organic soaps down in Marlbourough. I havent had a chance to try the shave soap but the body soaps are excellent and the owners also sent me a few of their offcuts with my order. I'm currently using their oatmeal and honey soap as my main shower soap and it smells and feels great.
Also have bought a blue's soap from ebay and an organic manuka honey shaving soap from NZ natural collection (BTW, are we allowed to post links to sites on here? )which I'm really looking forward to trying as I love the smell of honey :) . The blue soap was very cheap and is shipping in from China though, so I don't know if it counts for a kiwi soap, although it does have NZ on it's sticker (could be dodgy Chinese marketing perhaps)

The only NZ soap I've tried so far has been the SABA Lime, which I really like. I keep it for the weekends or during the summer, and pair it with the Proraso menthol preshave. Gives a nice slick lather and fills the room with a yummy lime milkshake smell. I'm waiting for them to reopen their store (1 aug) so I can try another flavoured soap.

BTW does anyone know what's happened to the goodfellas? I've recently received one of their razors from a friend but can't find them anywhere online. It's my first open razor but seems even milder than my EJ89, with it's standard head on. Feels comfortable in the hand though, and is great for manouvering around the face quickly. I'm really liking it so might look out for another.
I have some of the Blues Soap and it's quite nice it smells like Lemon, Lime and Bitters it performs quite well... I suspect its not particularly Kiwi but hey it's cheep and worth a try.
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