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Grand Prize Finale Week

Open challenge to all veterans and Freemasons!! Come on in and donate whatever you can!! :thumbup1:
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C'mon, night-owls. I know how it is. Cup of 7-Eleven coffee in hand. Coast to Coast on the radio. Pondering the Kantian philosophy. Kant would donate. Totally.

I mean, if a word must have an object to make it exist and be meaningful, then objects exist and reality is true. Ergo, objects make meaning. QED, an word (hope) must have an object (donation) to make it true.

Don't you want to be like Kant?

Maybe you simply want to make a child smile for the rest of his or her life?
Come on guys, there's 20,468 of us. We only need .00029314051% of the membership to step up so we can reach our goal. To tell the truth I don't think a goal of 1000 donations would be asking much of a membership our size.

Who among us doesn't have $20 to spare? Something is better than nothing!

5 more! We are sooo there. Surely 5 guys (or girls) can step up?

I know we all take these things for granted. The Mods have gotten a ton of prizes, any one of which is probably more than the mean donation. And, with the contests, have given us an opportunity to reflect on what matters to us, what we are thankful for, and happy times in the past. So, even if we didn't win a contest, we have taken away something personal. Personal to each of us, things that we all too often forget about.

In response to this, they are asking for a donation. Whatever you can afford. It doesn't have to break the bank.

In return, in addition to everything I've droned on about, you'll know that you improved someone else's life.
I won the SCS 3.1416 Savory Rose contest and even though the bottles have been hijacked by Ms. Dana :lol:, I am still glad to help.

Donation Sent.
C'mon, only 2 donations short? There's only two days left of the carnival. Let me say this again:

There's only 2 days left, today and tomorrow

I'm guessing there are a bunch of people who are intending to donate, but get distracted. I know it happens to me! Like Nike says, just do it! Don't plan on doing it later, just do it now. Get it over with. You know you want to.


"Got Shoes?"

We have reached 100 verified donations thanks to the generosity of all those who donated.

There is still one more day left before the 2009 B&B Carnival of Smiles draws to a close.

Let's keep going and get as many donations in as we can before the Carnival concludes tomorrow with the announcement of the Grand Prize winners.

:a14:Thanks again and please donate. :a14:

I donated earlier in the process but did not email to B&B. I guess I should have read the directions (wife nods accordingly).

Come gents, every little bit helps.
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