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GOTD- Green of the Day

We'll see if this thread stays active at all.

I'll go first.

Today I'm drinking the Pre Ming-Qing Long Jing aka dragon well.

It looks and smells like grass clippings at first but a quick steep yields an aromatic soup. This is my first attempt at this tea. Not shabby.
Den's Sencha Fuka-midori -

Typical Japanese green flavors with a pronounced sweetness. Simple but good. Can't beat the price either.
Trying out some 08 White Peony that PK put in the passaround. It's really a white but this thread runs closest to whites.
Hibiki-an's Genmaicha Matcha-iri: roasty puffed rice in floating in a sea of sencha stained dayglo green with matcha.
How is that? I don't care for their gyokuro but I love their regular sencha.
I used to like it a lot and I still enjoy it, but I have come to like the Ippodo Genmaicha more. The Ippodo doesn't have the matcha and has a less roasty taste. It seems less high strung than the Hibiki-an.
My green of the day was with a juicer. I juiced kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, celery and then added carrot, apple and pineapple. Not as elegant as a chinese tea but very healthy.
Jing Tea Shop's "Everyday Tea" bargain basement: Bai Sha Lu ("White Sand Green") from Hai Nan Island. At
$2.99 for 100 grams (same price as 2 years ago) this is a real pleasure and offers tremendous value.
Everyday Shi Feng Long Jing aka Pre Ming-Qing Long Jing aka dragonwell from jingteashop.com.

Lots of leaf and rather short infusion times are yielding tasty brews.
Zencha Fuji the Ultimate Sencha -

This fukamushi sencha has smooth, deep, mellow flavors with almost no astringency. Nice complexity also. Is it the ultimate? Probably not, but it is quite good and for $17 including shipping for 50g it's not a bad deal either.
Got a couple of packs of Japanese imported sencha from a local Asian market.
I can see why it's popular in Japan, light with grassy and seaweed notes.

Tried the maeda brand this afternoon, also got 100g of the Yamamotoyama premium sencha, we'll try that one later.
Den's Sencha Shin-ryoku -

This is Den's second tier sencha. Leaf is mostly whole needles. This has quite a bit less sweetness than the fuka-midori and more umami flavors. The problem for me is that it is very subtle and has basically no aroma. I have adjusted the leaf amount and that did not help. It's not bad...just not as good as many of the others I have tried. For the price the fuka-midori is better IMO.
Today it was some West Lake Dragonwell that I got from a local Asian grocer. It has some camphor to it, along with an astringency. Also there's a slight mouth feel similar to what I get from an oolong. I like this stuff! I intend to include some in the tea pass when I ship it in a couple of days.
Huo Shan Huang Ya (premium) yellow tea. Flower like taste, somewhat sweet aroma, truely amazing tea. I'm drinking the fourth cup now and the taste is slightly more woody and the tannins are noticable (dry feeling in the mouth).
I hope to never be without this tea.