Got a 15/16 Herder Coming

Discussion in 'Straight Razor Shave Clinic' started by Twelvefret, Dec 2, 2018.

    Went through the films progression finishing on diamond/balsa. No messing around. I want this sucker shave ready. I can't let the Wade and Butcher True Wedge out do it. :a29:
  1. I haven’t honed an SS razor yet, but SS knives take longer for me to put an edge on it.

    With my razors I always use a loupe to visually check my edge.
  2. Yes, I think I got it. The morning will tell. I don't use a loupe but I am not a member of the crazies...LOL
  3. I’m the same one guys.
  4. Got the Herder shave ready last night following the burr method with more laps than with my vintage carbon blade razors. I am guessing maybe 100 cumulative laps on 30 micron over two hone process. I was fooled initially thinking the blade was sharp and near shave ready. At the end of the day, I learned something about honing and bonded with another SR.

    Today's shave was really outstanding. I am breathing a sigh of relief as I had a made more of an investment in this razor and didn't want something I could not use. The point I think is a SS shave is similar to a carbon steel razor, but it takes a longer time to achieve true shave ready.
  5. I’m sure you would.
  6. There is no difference using between your nose, I have seen many people in this world and not a single has had a 5/8 space between the nose and where the mustache starts. Doesn't matter the size, you will need to "scoop"
  7. Yes.

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