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Good, moisturizing body wash?

Hey Gentlemen, I see there are a few threads about bar soap. Is there a good liquid body wash that works well for you? My skin is always dry, and it seems like everything I have tried isn't moisturizing enough (things like Dove) or mositurize but have a really strong perfume sent (like Oil of Olay). What's mositurizing with a good scent that doesn't smell like perfume? Willing to pay more for quality. Thanks for your help.
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Cremo body wash has always worked pretty well for me. My favorite scent is the Bourbon and Oak.
also Marlow Body Wash is a good soft soap. Didn’t like The Every Man Jack stuff.
Try using the unscented Neutogena body oil! The scented one is for chicks. Just slather it on after you shower and gently dry off. Works exceptionally well.


Nivea make some body washes for men. I used one once and was impressed with it but I didn’t keep using it as it was half price when I bought it. Old cheapskate here didn’t want to pay full price.
Here is an interesting option . Van Der Hagen shave soap , glycerin-shea butter.... I bought some on sale...used them in the shower.....excellent skin hydration, they are a bit slippery so you may drop em a few times....but a great bath soap. BTW the Dollar General unscented thing I mentioned before is a lotion. cheers