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    Time to retire three brushes, H.I.S synthetics from 2012. At the time, these were state-of-the-art and were said to be on a par with Muhle's early synths. Alas, the world has moved on, and, while these brushes do a creditable job of lathering, they just do not measure up to newer synths. Amazing, the difference seven years make.

    So, to the back of the shelf they go, henceforth as decorations, their places taken in my rotation by a Stirling Kong, a PAA Atomic Rocket, and, most likely, some new additions from Yaqi (as they seem to be making everybody's brushes these days).

    (And, yes, I have a silvertip badger, but I much prefer the speed and convenience of synthetics.)
  1. I noticed the synthetics have gotten better as well. They beat the heck out of my Simpson's Badger & Omega Boar brush for lathering.
  2. Also if you are DIY you can buy many great knots and install them into the handle of your choice
  3. Sometimes newer really is better!! :a14::a14:
  4. A touching send off. Enjoy your newcomers!
  5. Did you retire them to the tune of Auld Lang Syne or Hallelujah?

    I love my Yaqis to death and both the syns, badgers all work great but, I'm still not a pure syn convert cos the magic of a pre soaked boar or badger is something else.

    Happy shaves,

  6. I hired a few pipers to play "Auld Lang Syne." :a36: How did you know?
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  7. I was a total synth convert from the one Maseto Silvertip I had - no doubt a good badger. But I just got given a 1305 boar, well used, and I'm entranced by the face feel. So much more character......

    So we'll see how this works out - I've ordered a Zenith boar already and have a 49 coming. Thing is, my synths are trouble free and lather wonderfully. So how will they stand up to the boar attack?
  8. The Yaqi 26mm Timber Wolf impresses me more and more (not a big fan of the handle though). But the old Plisson L'Occetain is and most likely will be my most loved synth. None the less, my daily driver is and will be the Omega 48 (the face lathering champ for me).
  9. Lucky guess cos it was either these 2 or ombra mai fu and slienzio lol.

    The 1305 feels great cos its broken in. Till the boars get broken in the syns will win hands down. However, a well broken in boar feels so much better than a syn n a well used badger is another level of heaven.

    Happy shaves,

  10. emwolf

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    still prefer the badger, but the new synthetics are marvelous.
  11. Face feel vs. lathering ease, which will win? The synthetics will generally lather easier, but your familiarity with the boar brushes will increase making lather easy to produce with them as well, but not as easy. Face feel won me over though.
  12. ackvil

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    I agree that some of the newer synthetics are an improvement. However, I still prefer my badger brushes.
  13. For me, a well made natural fiber brush has a special allure, just like well made cotton and wool garments. Synthetics can perform as well, but for me, lack that special allure.
  14. Ease to lather is not all that matters.

    For me it’s hard to beat the feeling of a warm badger like a Simpsons Chubby scrubbing your face.
  15. I’ve got Yaqi, Razorock Bruce and the same Plisson L’Occitane and I agree, the Plisson is special despite the warping of the wood base! But if you haven’t tried horse, then get a basic Vie Long and compare - stiffer than synth but softer than badger My little Vie Long is giving my synths a run for their money!

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  16. Thanks for hinting towards the Vie-Long horse hair, but I am a bit reluctant. Didn't hear much good about them. They even were kicked out of the German wetshavers' forum online shop eventually. Besides, I think considering the comments, there are far too overpriced (it's around 50 EUR shipped for the cheapees as far as I remember).
  17. I have a Vie Long 04382 that's a great bowl lathering brush but not for face lathering. It has needles for hairs and it really hurts, not skirtchy but pokey.

    I'll be happier with a boar like a 11126 anyday over it.


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