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Gold Plated Shavex

The very nice 1930's Shavex DE has been discussed before here:
Bagged a 3 piece Shavex razor

Now I'm very fortunate to have acquired a gold plated set with a heavy handle very similar to the 1930's ER 1912 handles.
I wonder if there was any connection between Shavex and ASR who made the Ever Readys?
In any case this is a very beautiful set and I'm excited to shave with it this evening. IMG_8584.JPG IMG_8586.JPG IMG_8585.JPG IMG_8587.JPG IMG_8588.JPG
I've been away from DE shaving for a while so this is a good way to return.
The British inter-war DEs tend to be very stylish and often very aggressive so are among the best ever made IMHO :)


Beautiful razor. Congratulations on the find. The detail is stunning.

Looks on the aggressive side. If you have a moment could you post a picture with a blade installed to show exposure?

Here the Shavex is with a Gillette Spoiler (!) installed:
You can see the blade stops for the old style round ended three hole blades.
I guess the modern blades will be pretty awesome too eh?
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The handle does look like the same chain link pattern. Very nice score. Those are the kind I dream about finding. Something very interesting with this one.

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So first shave tonight!
There's a lot of blade feel and the modern thinner blade made this really quite an aggressive experience.
Smooth though and weighty with a superb grip - very very nice indeed!


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Beautiful razor - but sure looks aggressive with the amount of blade exposed.
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