Gillette Platinum DE Blades

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    Hi, folks
    I saw these blades being sold by one of the shaving supplies stores, with a premium price.
    Does anyone have an experience with them? Are they worth the price? How do they shave?

  1. Ha. We've had a few arguments here in the blade forum about that as to whether or not they're better than the previous Gillette Platinum blades in the white and navy-blue boxes. Some say they're better, some say they're the same blade. But in any case they're PPI's top of the line flagship blade so I'd expect them to be a bit more expensive than their competition. I've had good luck with them; they're one of my preferred blades.
  2. @Space_Cadet
    There are already like 6 or 7 threads about Platinums. Old vs new etc. Just use the search.
  3. +1! Good blades!! :a14::a14:
  4. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Good blades, smooth, forgiving, not very sharp, but not dull. Wouldn't say they are worth the premium over Astra SS/SP IMO.

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