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Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary


Well everyone, this has got to be one of the cruddiest razors I've taken apart, so far. I think the previous owner used it in the shower on a daily basis and never let it dry out. The amount of hard water, calcium, lime, and rust is just atrocious.

This will definitely be a Replate candidate after I'm through with it. What needed to be fixed (stuck adjuster ring) is fixed. It's all up to the owner on what happens with it after I'm done. Post cleaning photos to follow shortly.

Well gents,

I had to skip the polishing phase of this project...there wasn't really a point in polishing. I had to use an acidic solution to remove the mineral deposits on the razor. The exposed brass has turned a little pink, as usual. Check it out:

$uploadfromtaptalk1405702474934.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1405702487314.jpg

I have contacted the fine gentleman at restoredrazor.com as well as Chris at razorplate.com. This razor will be sent in for replating.

Ned has agreed to let me keep the razor so this is what I have in mind for it:

(and this is ideally what I want done...just don't know if anyone still does it)

-the door assembly, adjustment dial, and TTO knob, all plated in rhodium.
-the blade base plate, adjustment plate, and middle barrel section all done in black nickel.
-the colors for the adjuster dial, the collet below it, and the indicator spring will all be original colors.

If I was good at Photoshop, I'd generate an illustration of the projected finish. If you gents know anyone out there who does black nickel plating, I'd love to know:thumbup:
Thank you Dave. I understand that westcoastrazors.com does black nickel but I haven't heard much about them on here. I have seem some gallery replates of theirs and they look stunning (that's where I got the black nickel idea).

Of course, I'd send the razor in as is, in pieces.

i sent my razor off today :). Can't wait to see what happens. Thank you again! I might get it replated if you think it's a must!

As a result of Ned's razor being put on hold for replating, I will begin revealing what I have been concurrently working on.

This razor is just a cleanup project, not a repair. It is a 1959 E2 Fatboy. Here are some before photos:

$uploadfromtaptalk1405730573537.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1405730584556.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1405730592713.jpg
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