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Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary

Hey everyone, is Captain back and accepting razors for restoration?

Can someone please PM me his email details...I sent him a PM but want to
email him in case he checks that more frequently...as I haven;t seen him post here
in a while (last visit: Jan 2018).
I believe that CAP is currently on military maneuvers for the next couple of months. If this is true, he won't be doing any clean ups or adjustments until he returns. If you reach out to Chris Evatt at razorplate, he may be able to provide you with some more info, as he and CAP work collaboratively.
That sent shivers up my spine!
Oh yeah..me too!

We did that A LOT.

Every piece of unpainted metal when I was aboard the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN-73, ('92-'96) GLOWED because of NevrDull! Got 700 or so hours to kill? How about making a fireplug at a DC station glow to where you see yourself in it!

It teaches attention to detail, and pride in your work IMO.

I use Nevr Dull whenever I re-do an older/used guitar as well, my vintage Gillettes, my silver jewelry, and ANYTHING that needs a shine!


With a great avatar comes great misidentification
Got a PM asking about a link to Cap's Adjustable repair videos. The ones linked in here are listed private but the photos and instructions are still there...this thread deserves a bump once in a while anyway.
This really was a great post. I’m glad Cap was able to repair my red dot fat boy. I still have never used it and am keeping it in pristine condition. Thanks for a great community.

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