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Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary

Greetings everyone!

As a result of my post in the B/S/T for crusty fatboys last week, I had a few members who were interested.

Basically, my original post was a "want to buy" but I made a note that I would humbly accept any fatboys that our members here wanted cleaned and or fixed. I did this to give back to the community that has treated me so well over the past couple of months. Thank you all.

The first razor I received yesterday is from Penned (Ned), a member here on B&B. The razor is a 1960 F4 Gillette Fatboy with a stuck adjuster ring. Here are the before photographs of the razor:


I will be periodically updating this thread as I make progress on the razor/s and receive new ones. Thank you all for viewing. Take care everyone.
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Great way to give back and look forward to some of the after photos!! Fat Boys brought back from the dead is always a good story.
Can you open up Fatboys that don't have the two little holes? My G2 Fatboy doesn't have these so I'm unsure how to open it up to clean inside.
Can you open up Fatboys that don't have the two little holes? My G2 Fatboy doesn't have these so I'm unsure how to open it up to clean inside.
Yes, I can. Although I haven't had much practice on those types. It isn't a matter of getting the retainer cap off, it's crimping it back on that is cumbersome. At any rate, I use ultrasonic and some professional grade elbow grease to clean the later Fatboys. There are some good threads on how to take them apart. It's the same procedure as a slim.

Well Ned, good news. Upon initial visual inspection of the razor, I noticed that the space between the bottom of the adjuster ring and the top of the knurling on the middle barrel section was way out of spec. Please see photo for reference:


My guess on what happened here is that the previous owner wanted more aggressiveness out of his Fatboy so he did what is referred to here as "over-clocking". Essentially, the adjuster ring is turned to 9 then the indicator spring is pushed in [usually with something pointy] and the adjuster ring is then cranked up until it basically bottoms out on the base of the blade plate. I have fixed the stuck adjuster ring. It now moves freely up and down the internal collet:thumbup:

One note of importance however, the click when turning the adjustment knob is very weak and almost inaudible. The functionality is present though I.e. it stops in the detents, as intended. This razor has been through some very harsh use, and tinkering, I suspect.

Tomorrow, it will receive an ultrasonic bath and further evaluation. Thanks!


Today, I disassembled the razor. Oh boy, there was some lovely filth on the inside! The disassembly went smooth and I have since re-introduced the pieces into a solution of dish soap and water in the ultrasonic cleaner. More to follow after polishing commences. Enjoy:


Pardon the picture quality...let's just say I'm better with my sidearm than a camera.
Great stuff Captain!! Love the step by step. I think the owner of this razor is going to be pleasantly surprised. He may just need to finish it off w a nice replate.
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