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Geo F. Trumpets Soap vs. Cream

Let me make it really simple for anyone reading this. Anything stacked up next Geo F Trumpers coconut cream is sub par. :p Including their own pucks. It's an awesome cream that I'd place in my top three to includes soaps. No YMMV stuff. The best. Period......just kidding of course but one of the best for sure.
I've tried most of the Trumpers creams and soaps and in my opinion, their creams(particularly the Coconut and Limes creams),are far,far superior to their soaps. From my fairly recent experience with the Trumper soaps,they are crap.. Totally useless,IMO. Avoid them like the plague !

Thanks for the help guys, I bought the lime soap yesterday and luckily decided to look it up last night and saw the bad reviews of it. I'll go and exchange it for the coconut cream instead :D
YMMV: I use the Geo Thumpers Violet soap. I don't have a problem whipping up a lather for a three pass shave using a silver tip badger brush. Thanks for the info. I'm going to order some coconut cream and give it a try.
I've never had any trouble getting a great lather and a comfortable shave from a GFT soap, and am surprised at how low- rated they are on this site.

I have one of their creams-Violet-and it's terrific. Probably a bit better than the soap I had.
I think brush selection is a huge factor with Trumpers soap. I recently purchased a puck of sandalwood soap and was struggling to get the same creamy lather with any of my brushes. The lather would either be very dry and airy, or really wet and runny. When it was runny, I could get a decent but not great shave. I know I was getting enough soap in the brush, because after each pass I would find a layer of unincorporated soap still on my face. Splash on some water and I could almost brushlessly lather what was left behind.

When I received my new Vintage Blades badger brush this week, it was a completely different story. I swirled the brush on the puck and almost instantly had perfect lather. I think the density, combined with action of the soft tips on this brush that made the difference. My next best performer was a Semogue 830, which would pick up a ton of soap, but just could not quite whip it up to what I was looking for.
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