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Tips for Merkur Progress Noob


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Is there any difference between the vintage merkur progress and the current production versions?
Not really. The older ones have a slightly larger embossed image of Mercury and the newer models from the 2000's have the logo molded inside of a circle and the "g" in Solingen is embelished with a long tail. The newer ones also don't have the numbers painted and the knob appears the slightest bit more yellowish.


Thank you

And the new ones are exactly the same as the vintage ones produced ages ago? What was the Gold one called? I take it that they aren't produced anymore?
They all shave the same in my experience, I've got four vintage and two modern although I don't have the newest casting with the tiny alignment hash mark. I could never tell you the difference in a blind test, that's for sure and I've been using them for many years, super smooth but heavy like a big Mercedes. That gold one in post #4 is in a Hoffritz presentation (box inside of a box). I haven't used a really old one with the number "0" or a top dial but I do have one that came with silver plating!
Find the lowest setting that provides a great shave, rather than the highest setting that your skin can bear. I find that 1.5 gives me a great irritation free, lasting bbs shave.
So far, 1.5 seems to be the sweet spot on mine, too.
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