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French Press users.is it really worth it?

No doubt a electric kettle is the way to go, mine just shorted out and I am back temporarily to a stove top kettle....taking more than twice as long to get coffee...
If I am feeling lazy, which is often in the morning, I will heat up my water in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. Very fast!
+ 1 on the $20 press working fine. Also, totally agree with the comments about needing a coarser ground coffee for best results. A burr grinder is a great tool to have for this.

I have a French press I used every morning for a long time. It has not made it out of the cupboard since I got my Chemex. For me, I think the chemex gives you a similar body and flavor profile as press pot, but without the mud at the bottom of the cup.
I have a small simk strainer for the drain I keep in a cup. To clean my beaker I add enough water for the grinds to splash in the beaker and quickly dump into the strainer. The water drains through and I dump the grinds in the trash. Its very simple.