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For some reason their site is trying to use alternate ports. It's trying to bully my firewalls but I'm sure you know the outcome of that. So my question now is why is their site attempting to commandeer an additional port.

The only conclusion I've come up with is that their server has been reprogrammed by a software engineer to finance his shaving addiction. Now If I only could think of someone that would fit that description. hmmmmm. :glare:
roughrider said:
I remember when they had that sale going on, it wouldn't let me put certain items in the cart. :confused:
It appears they are using dreamhost.com for their commerce server (basic-arong2.venice.dreamhost.com). Still working on the port issue. A simple resolution is to create a generic exception rule for their site. I'm afraid my personality is too anal to follow that route - I want to know exactly what's traversing my firewalls.
Sorry to hog this thread, but you may want to check out eBay. I was able to purchase a set of Santal EdT and AS Balm for 50% of retail incl s/h. It looks likes this seller lists these sets frequently and in other fragrances.
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