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Barrister and Mann - international delivery "back to the future"

OK.. at the beginning, a small caveat... I didn't really know where to post this information :) The content of the post sort of fits into the thread :) I don't describe my experience today, but I'm posting information thanks to which some of us will have a greater chance of being "international": )
Barrister and Mann just sent info that they are resuming international shipping directly from their store... I would say "back to the future"!! :)

"Huge News!
We're Shipping Internationally Again!
We Know: It Took Us Long Enough
For the first time in 8 years, Barrister and Mann is once again shipping orders outside the United States! We've solved the problems that stopped us in 2016 and have reopened the system so that we can ship our seasonal fragrances (and everything else that doesn't have alcohol) all over the world!
Even better, we're offering free international shipping for orders over $150 USD! Check out our site and see what we have available!"

I don't know about you, but for me this is big news... I live in Europe and despite the large offer of Barrister and Mann, I miss a few things... and certainly "new" things .:) .. The only drawback is that, unfortunately, products containing alcohol will not be shipped - I assume that air parcel carriers have a problem with this... but everything else is finally at your fingertips :)
Thanks for sharing the news. B & M has many excellent top-shelf offerings. I'm so glad to hear the world can acquire their wares.
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