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FS Phoenixkh Sale: Mozingo Brush & Timeless SS 0.68SCL

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For Sale, CONUS, USPS shipping and PayPal Fees included.

1. Mozingo ZT4 28mm Fan with a Rudy Vey Persian Jar "Classic" Cobalt Blue handle. This brush has been used less than 6 times, though I don't have an exact count. It was one of the last batch of knots Brett made. It's a lovely brush but it's big. If you don't like big brushes, this one isn't for you. If you do, this brush has wonderful face feel, great flow through.... It's a bit big for me.

Price: $175

2. Timeless SS 0.68SCL with an 85mm SS Dimpled handle and SS razor stand. It has a scalloped cap and scalloped 0.68 base plate. This razor was left over after some experiments I did putting together two razors with mixed parts: Stainless-Steel and Titanium. I only had the razor head but ordered a handle and stand so I could offer a complete razor. These parts were all ordered from their Scratch and Dent section, but appear as new. The base plate was used once, the rest have never been used.

Price: $150




As always, if you need more photos or additional information, feel free to PM me.

Kim T Hayfield/ @Phoenixkh


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