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    After a 5 year journey exploring SE, AC, and DE razors to find my tops picks of each, I am now into the next hole....which appears to not be so deep. I already purchased an NOS L1 Lady Schick and an O-Clone months ago but only recently shaved with the O-Clone last week. The shave was so impressive at how easy it shaved I had to jump on these two I models and an adjustable(needs to be cleaned before a beauty photo).

    Now I continue my search for a nice G4 model and am not that interested in trying the A-E, J,K, or N models....or should I be?
    s-l16001.jpg s-l1600.jpg
  1. I wouldn’t want to deprive myself of the iconic Bakelite Type E Schick model. Might be the most effective of the Injectors .
  2. I had 2 posted on BST a while ago, never sold, if the post is still there check it out. Will make you a good deal so you can try them out. E/G types. Let me know if you can/can’t find the post.

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  3. I found the post, but the only other possible interest would be an E2 which has the chance to change blades without needing an injector cartridge.
  4. +1!!!
  5. Why wouldn’t you want to use the injector? I think over time the spring would weaken if you use open/close all the time. I will let the other pros comment on this they will know more.

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    DCRIII Contributor

    That's a nice looking Schick.
    On your quest to find other injectors, add the Gillette twin injector to your list. They used a double injector blade, but you can use regular signal injector blades in them as well.
  7. I'm with you on the later models, my little assemblage stops at the I2. My E2 is a bit more efficient than my G2, so I would also recommend that you do not pass over the E series.
  8. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    the E2 that you can change blades w/o the injector means you can use a cut down Feather pro
    turns this little razor into a Ferrari
  9. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I really enjoy any Schick E series razor, they are mid range for aggression and will give any razor on the planet a run for great results. Expect CCS,DFS,BBS shaves in this range IMO.
    I also have a Stick Schick L type with a Schick twin II blade and results are very good and a nice easy fast shave in the morning with very little or no irritation the Alum block confirms and it does not lie. I would not think the Twin blade is good for long growth beard, I shave daily and the results so far after 15 shaves are very good, expect CCS,DFS,BBS results IMO.
    Have some great shave!
  10. pbrmhl

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    Of the injectors I’ve used, I’ve landed on the E2 with the swiveling spring. The others I’ve used are the B, other Es, several Gs, I, J and L. I also have an M and O clone, but haven’t used either one. With the I, J and L, I use vintage Personna twin blades.

    The E2 I mentioned gives me the closest shave of the lot. I used it today, in fact. I like it so much, I have a backup. One of the benefits is that without the need to use an injector cartridge, I can use Proline “injector” blades (which don’t have an injectable cartridge).

    I need to take the M and O clone for test drives, using the twin blades...
  11. Enders with a Schick Proline is killing it for me. Prefer it to my E2 and Injecto-Matic.[​IMG]

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  12. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Bet you a nickel the E-2 open to clean is the razor of your dreams in the safety razor world. If you are dying to know why I think that, you should read this post.

    Yes, there are a bunch of great injectors. The rabbit hole is larger than one might think. According to me the E-2 is all you need, but you would be missing out without the L-3.

    Several injectors others like are razors I've not tried, so it's not like I know everything there is to know about them.


    Welcome to the Injector Rabbit Hole.

    Happy shaves,

  13. G4s can be found on eBay from time to time. The Type N has the same head as the Type O and shaves the same. The Type F is a superb razor, but quite rare and expensive. If you find one at a decent price, grab it.
  14. Tell me about this very attractive looking razor??

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  15. Introduced 1933 and produced virtually unchanged into the 50s, took proprietary Enders blade, which blade when the edge is taken off acts as a shim to hold a modern Proline in place. One piece, great handling razor.

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  16. How difficult is it to mod the proprietary blade?

    They seem plentiful on the bid site for not mush $

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  17. It doesn't have to be pretty so not hard at all.

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  18. Cool

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  19. Want to go in on a lot of 13 new old stock in boxes and in a display?? Lol. Damn bid site.

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