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Formulations of Creams vs. Scents?

I own 4 different ToBS Creams. Rose, Taylor, Avocado and Sandalwood. Now clearly they all have scents based on the name but they also have different consistencies. Example. The Taylor is very creamy while the Sandalwood is stiffer and the Avocado even stiffer than that. So my question is ... do people think the formulation of the creams are different for each of the scents or are they the same and just appear to be different to me?

BTW, I have not observed this on soaps where I think the soap formation is basically the same for any scent. My example is Crabtree and Evelyn where I own Sienna, Nomad and Sandalwood. I love all three and they all appear to later up the same but smell differently.
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