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First SE, ASR Ever Ready 1907 Lather Catcher. Now I just need the courage to try it!

Found this yesterday in a kinda chain like junk stores we have around here... I debated on buying it for quite awhile..well that was the first step... It was pretty clean to begin with but I gave it a pretty good once over... soooo now i just need some balls to shave with it... It took awhile to figure out how to get the blade that was in it out,:blink:... any suggestions and help will be appreciated in shaving with this piece of art.

$048.jpg $028.jpg $023.jpg $013.jpg
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Nice! - I like it - similar to the Kampfe Star and gem cutlery razors. 1910 ish give or take 5 years. Curious to know what you paid. If you ever decide to sell let me know. Don't see many of these like the gems and star's
Cool looking razor!!
I dont have one of these, but I think the SE blade slides in from the side and that "horizontal indent thingy" holds it in by the spine...maybe :001_smile
Would like to see a few pics of this loaded with a blade if possible
And who said our grandfathers weren't hip? I love those industrial looking old Lather Catcher razors. I had one but gave it to my son for Christmas before using.

Enjoy the turn of the century karma and a very cool razor!