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First post but not so newbie.

Hi everyone,just joined up and this is my first post.
Didn't know exactly where to post,so the newbie section seemed best.
I am from England,and have been wet shaving since my teens,and am 52 now.
I currently use either a straight(vintage) or if shaving my head and face,a Fatip grande V1 with an unusual cap width of 17.5 approx.
I have been DE shaving for what seems like forever.
Love the Fatip it is my go to Razor,always with feather blades,poraso green soap or creme,no pre shave.Post shave is Alum block and Poraso green aftershave.Yes I am a poraso fan.
I am contemplating a new DE.Looking at the Yaqi Beast head,R41,Future,but am unsure if I would gain anything over the Fatip,and be moving sideways.
I normally 2 pass,3 if needed.
As you can probably guess,I like an efficient/aggressive razor.
Suggestions most welcome.
Welcome to B&B.
The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 may be of consideration with a ~1.35 blade gap. The blade exposure looks -VE though.


The Aussie Bulldog
Welcome to the forum from Australia and thank you for checking in with us.

Have you given any thought to a slant such as the "Yaqi Top Aggressive Slant Safety Razor Head"?
Quite a bit of discussion here
Hi,I had been looking at the slant,read a few conflicting reviews so am on the fence at the moment.I had originally convinced myself an R41 would be ideal for myself,but not sure it would be much different to my Fatip,after watching a few YouTube vids.Yaqi are cheap enough to experiment with,but I am still hesitant. My V1 grande is a real beast,and I am quite happy with it,but have the urge to try something different.
Basically I want a DE blade on a handle if that makes sense?
I want to try something more aggressive than my Fatip just because I can.
You've got a nice razor in the Fatip. If you are enjoying that razor, I suggest trying the R41 or the Fatip slant, the FOCS. It is getting high praise.
Yaqi slant is good, not mild, but follows skin curvatures nicely. You won't have any difficulty around the neck area.
It shaves very differently than Merkur 37C which is easiest around the moustache and chin area.
I have a Fendrihan, that's kind of like a blade on a handle. It's all stainless steel, PVD coated head, the cap torques the blade a lot, so it doesn't chatter, it's a lot of blade exposure, and a big gap, (I never measured it), I enjoy shaving with it, but, I really have to pay attention, it's not an every day shaver for me, but, I like it, and it was priced well for all stainless. IMG_1171.JPG
Hi Alex,welcome to B&B!
you said you'd like an efficient aggressive razor, well..you can't go wrong with Muhle R41.
you'll love it! I got two R41s - the twist version and the regular kind,they're fantastic


I didnt know
Welcome to the forum.

I am contemplating a new DE.Looking at the Yaqi Beast head,R41,Future,but am unsure if I would gain anything over the Fatip,and be moving sideways.
Like you, my #1 DE combination is a Fatip Grande and a fresh Feather blade. I only use them for a single shave. The Fatip is a rigid design, it doesnt allow the blade to flex as you're shaving. The R41, in my experience, cant even approach the level of smoothness and security of the Fatip. Both shave as closely but I can shave with my Grande, easily, in less than five minutes. To have the same shave with my R41 its an extra pass and done in about 15 minutes because of the insecure sensation and unpredictability of the blade flexing.

I've found two razors that can match and even exceed my Fatip, a GEM Bullet Tip which is equally efficient yet smoother and more gentle on my skin and a GEM MMOC that quite easily surpasses my Grande.

My Fatip Grande gives me a 12 hour BBS with a fresh Feather. The shave is done in complete comfort and its very quick and easy. I have 15 other DE's, modern and vintage and none can match it.

My GEM Bullet Tip with a GEM PTFE blade gives me the same shave with a 12 hour BBS finish but its even easier and quicker to use.

My GEM MMOC with a fresh PTFE blade gives me an 18 hour BBS finish. I use each blade for 10 shaves and on the 10th shave the duration of the BBS finish is down to 12 hours.

DE blades are ~.004" thick. GEM SE blades are .009" thick. The difference is noticeable. That thicker and more stable blade over long term use has helped improve my skin. I'm so use to using my GEM razors and blades now that I only very rarely use a DE. My Grande gives me the best shave any DE I've used can but it cant touch my MMOC.

If you want to try another DE, you might try the Fatip slant. I cant get use to the transition in the angle of the edge from shallow to steep and find it scrapes instead of cuts. It is however, very smooth.

There are a few DE's capable of shaving as well, if not as efficiently, as my Grande. The Gillette NEW SC, Old Type, Slim and the post war Tech but, if I'm completely honest, I think of them as boys sent to do a man's job.
If it ain't broken, why fix it?

But then, if you want to try smth. new that will provide a better shave, I'd echo previous comments and take the SE route.

To be specific, I'd opt for:

Blackland Vector, if you want the best razor money can buy
RazoRock Hawk V3, if you want a great shaver at a very reasonable price

I have both and fully share the views expressed in the above video.
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