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Another newbie post - I broke a rule...oh wow!

Thanks - any you have and recommend that I don't have?

I didn't enjoy the 7 O'Clock yellow all that much. Admittedly I've only given it one shave, the Derby Extra was okay (I preferred it to the Derby Premium). I was going to try the 7 O'Clock Black but opted for Bic and I've been enjoying them. I'm still in the early stages, so I'm only giving blades two shaves and they hit the bin. Probably a waste, but I figure the shave is already pretty inexpensive regardless of whether I get 2 or 10 shaves...

I wasn't a fan of the Gillette Platinum in my Merkur 34C, but have yet to try it in the R41. I too like the Wilkinson swords, although I think from memory I preferred them in the 34C.
Oddly on the Derbys, I didn't like the Extra at all, but the Premium works fine. Several years ago, I had a basic Maggard, and the Derby Extra was reasonable. Not so much with the Emperor.
I got 16 different blade samples. For the first pass, I did 2 shaves (noble otter and Jack Black Supreme Creme). If I needed to moisturize shortly after the shave, it went in the hell no pile. I got rid of 5 blades that way.
I'm now doing A/B pairings. No way I can rank all those blades, but I can tell which of 2 is better.
Hold my beer... lol you've just begun. Each tuck is a different brand.

@Stikeyoda That is a ton of blades.

I have few amount of sampler blades like @calgarychris and I thought I had AD.
Good to know that what I have is the basic amount for beginners like me.

And @SharpieB has 8000 blades, I'm drooling to see your blade inventory.


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