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    The MR3 Neo is by far the best cartridge razor Feather have produced and, in my experience, the best cart period.

    The F3 / Samurai Edge is a good razor in its own right and is certainly better than the current offerings from Gillette and Wilkinson Sword / Schick.

    Thankfully both are easily available in the UK (via Connaught) and work out being a cheaper option than Gillette and Schick.

    It’s a shame that you can’t get them as easily elsewhere as they really are by far the best two carts on the market currently.

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  1. I got my MR3 Neo here in the US through Wal-Mart’s website for 13.99 and the F3 on Amazon for 12.99.
  2. So far I have gotten 6 good shaves out of the same F3 cart and its still going strong. I am very impressed. I will try the MR3 Neo cart once the F3 cart dulls out.
  3. Feather produces the F3 (Samrai Edge) in different colors.
    As I'm a collectionistnerd I seek high and low to find one of these for sale but I couldn't find them anywhere.
    Except a Russian store but they don't ship international :a31:
    Tell me about that animal pattern packaging with the Feather cheerleaders!

    Before you think that's the women razor version, it is not. Women have their Feather "Mermaid" line:
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  4. @mata_66 I saw the ones you're talking about being sold on Amazon Japan. I'm pretty sure they don't ship internationally, but the costs of the razor itself is quite high, as well... I'm guessing they are out of production now, and are in high demand.

    Than red razor with the animal print and girls (a japanese girl group nbm48) goes for around $50 US (44 Euro), and the white one is around $30. Costly for a plastic cartridge handle... Even for a collector's item.

    Red F3
    White F3

    (If the pages show up in Japanese, you can scroll to the very bottom and click on the icon on the left to select English)
  5. I ended up getting 9 good shaves out of the F3 cartridge before I noticed it digging a bit. I may have been able to get more but I was ready to try the MR3 Neo cartridge. I tried it just now with the F3 handle and was very impressed. Both cartridges are great in my opinion. However the MR3 Neo cartridge may be the smoothest 3 blade cartridge I’ve ever used to shave the area above the lips. The F3 clogs less but I have a feeling the MR3 may end up lasting a few shaves longer because of its blade design, but I’ll see. I think the little extra wavy guard on the F3 cartridge may have been the cause of it seeming to dig a little on my 9th shave. However 9 shaves out of a cart is damn good to me. I now kind of regret my recent purchase of 50 Mach 3 Turbo carts, but they were the old design which I like much more than the newer ones and they were a bargain at 55 dollars for the 50. Oh well! You can never have too many razors.
  6. Thanks for the update on the MR3 @LSUfanBR ! Sounds like both the F3 and MR3 are winners with the MR3 maybe edging out the F3 by a skosh. As @ajc347 has confirmed as well, the MR3 seems to be an excellent shaver.

    No doubt, $55 for 50 Mach3 is a great deal. Mach3 being one of my fav carts, if I saw a similar deal I probably wouldn't pass that up either. When I used carts only in the past, they would usually last me about a month (I used to just do 1 pass every 3 days or so), so that would last me about 4 years. :)
  7. @jaybird210 I would give them both a try. I’m going to give a new F3 cartridge a try with my next shave since it has been almost 2 weeks since I used a brand new one. I don’t think I remember it being quite as smooth as the MR3 seemed tonight though. The MR3 Neo using the F3 handle was so smooth that I could barely even feel it on my face
  8. That's a good point. It could very well be due to the comparison of a cartridge at the end of it's life vs a brand new, sharp one.

    The both sound like good carts, so I'll definitely be trying each one. I plant to give the 2 bladed FII a try as well, just to see how they feel.

    I'll mix and match to try to find the best cart/handle match for me.
  9. I ordered some FII carts as well since they also fit the F3 and MR3 handles. They look similar to the mR3 Neo minus one blade and the roller bar. Also if they give a good shave they were nearly half the price of the other 2.
  10. If they work well, that would be great. They are low cost compared to the other two. Looking at amazon Japan, they get a decent rating out of 86 reviewers, avg of 4.2 out of 5 starts. For what amazon reviews are worth, looks like most people are perfectly happy with the FIIs. Though, the F3s and MR3s do have even higher ratings, with a larger number of reviewers.
  11. Was just looking into the FII handle and it has an interesting feature, where you can lock the pivoting of the head. I know some people prefer a fixed head like the Trac 2, so that might be a good feature. Seems the aim is for it to be used when trimming some parts like under the nose, the fixed head might make it easier to control.

    but the FII only pivots up and down, whereas it seems the F3 will pivot sideways, as well (which I think is the same as most other modern carts).

  12. @jaybird210 The MR3 Neo handle has the pivot lock switch as well
  13. @LSUfanBR Interesting. I hadn't noticed it on the one that I was looking at, but it seems there are two versions of the MR3 handle. I'm assuming you have the slimmer version, which looks to have a lock switch. The wider version doesn't seem to have the lock.

    upload_2018-11-22_14-38-21.png upload_2018-11-22_14-38-24.png
  14. After using the F3 and The MR3 cartridges, I believe that I prefer the F3. They are both good cartridges but I think the F3 gives a closer shave, at least for me.
  15. Thanks for the update @LSUfanBR ! It sounds like they are both quality cartridges. I'll grab a sample few from each and give them all a shot to see which ones work the best for me. Along with the FIIs, as well, since I also like the Sensor carts, I'll see how they compare.
  16. I celebrated the new year by picking up the F3, MR3Neo, and an F2 razors to try out. I've started out with the F3 and after a few shaves (2 full, multi-pass, and one today was just under my jaw line after a 2 pass shave with my DE razor), I really like this one. I feel like the Mach3 might get me just a little bit closer after a 2 pass shave (WTG & XTG), but I am very happy with the smoothness of the F3.

    The best part about it is the performance under my jaw and on my neck. I can shave ATG and get a very close shave on my neck, which I can't get with my DEs (though I like the DEs for above the jaw line). That has been the main role of my Mach3, to shave ATG under my jawline. In this area, it feels like it shaved as close as the Mach3 and felt even smoother. At nearly half the price of the Mach3, and assuming the MR3neo or F2 don't give me even better results, the I've already found something to dethrone the Mach3 from it's role as my sub-jawline razor.

    I like the feel of the handle as well. The damper didn't bother me at all and overall it felt solid. I've read about some complaining that it took away from the feedback. It was so smooth I didn't feel much, but like most modern razors, the razor keeps the blades at the proper angle against the face, so I just kept a light touch, trusted that it was shaving, and the result was perfectly fine.

    I have the MR3neo and F2 handles and carts as well, and will give them a try soon as well, but even if they don't happen to work out for me, I'm perfectly happy with the F3 already.
  17. I have questions for those of you who have tried the Feather MR 3, the F II and the F Iii(samurai edge):
    1. There seems to be a consensus that the MR 3 Neo handle and blade are top notch, but the problem is getting replacement cartridges for a reasonable price.
    2. I understand that the FII and FIII handles and cartridges are more readily available and that the cartridges work on all three handles.
    3. Considering the above, what is your recommendation for those of us who only want to buy one handle. Which handle and which cartridge would be the best, all things considered?

  18. hi @Ramsay , i've only tried the FIII and the MR3Neo handles so far, so I can't say yet as for the FII. So far, I think I like the weight of the FIII handle a little better in the hand, and I wasn't bothered by the damper, though I've read that some people find the damper bothersome and doesn't provide enough feedback.

    I just recently tried the MR3Neo handle and the corresponding cartridge, and even though it has guard wires on it, the MR3Neo felts sharper to me compared to the FIII cartridge. I do have to say, I was in a bit of a hurry and may have rushed the shave, leading to a more harsh result compared to when I tried the FIII, so I will give more feedback after I've tried a few more times.

    I have an FII handle and cartridge ready to try in my drawer, and will eventually get to that. I thought I would like the FII handle better because it is slimmer, but after having used the FIII and MR3Neo, I don't mind the wider handles (the FIII is not as wide as the MR3Neo, and as I mentioned it feels more solid, probably has more metal components).

    Also, as I posted before, the MR3 seems to have two different handles. I have the wider one. Not sure how the other one feels, but the one that I have is mostly plastic and feels a little too light for my liking. I will try the MR3 cart in the FIII handle next time.
  19. If you are sticking with Feather carts, I would recommend the old thin handle MR3 razor. I haven't tried the wide body version, but the thin one is more solidly built than the F3. It reminds me a bit of the Schick Quattro Titanium razors with its metal & rubber construction over the plastic body.

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