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    Hi all!

    I've been using Feather blades since I started DE shaving a couple months ago. I can only get 2 comfortable shaves per blade - 1 WTG pass and 1 ATG pass.

    Is there anything that matches the sharpness of the Feather with better longevity?

    I've experimented with Derby blades which work quite well. I can get three comfortable shaves with these but they're not as sharp as I'd like.

    I also tried Personna Platinums which felt quite harsh.
  1. You might try Kai, Gillette Yellow, Polsilver.
  2. +1. You might also try the Perma-Sharp. This is my daily blade, and it comes really close to Feather sharpness with better smoothness and longevity.
  3. Feather is probably the sharpest blade I have tried, but not especially smooth or long-lasting IME.

    Other blades that you might consider:
    Astra SP
    Personna lab
    Personna med

    You may be best served by purchasing a blade sampler pack or two.
  4. Indian blacks have worked well for me over the years.

  5. Worth trying a sampler from the PPI stable. GSB in particular is very popular but 7 O'Clock SharpEdge comes close.
  6. Thanks for the replies, very helpful! I haven't heard of some of the blades recommended - so much choice!

    Time to find some sample packs :001_smile
  7. I am having good luck with Gillette Nacets. I use Feathers regularly. I usually get 5-7 comfort shaves out of all my blades. I have very average growth.

    Not sure my experience helps you. But Nacets are very comfortable for me. Not sure if they will last the same for you.
  8. Dorco Prime
  9. I've been using nacet ss for the good part of 2 months and they are as good as feathers in sharpness but way better in durability.
    Razor Blade Sharpness Summary with Comparison Chart » refined shave

    Another great blade but its almost it is almost impossible to find outside South East Asia is the super nacet.

  10. +1, especially on the blade sampler pack.
  11. Thanks again for the replies. I've found a sample pack containing:
    • Astra Super Platinum
    • Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge
    • Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless
    • Gillette Nacet Stainless
    • Gillette Platinum
    • Gillette Silver Blue
    • Perma-Sharp Super
    That should keep me busy for a few months!
  12. The German Wilkinson’s are an excellent alternative. Found them to be smoother than the Feathers with way more longevity (admittedly not as sharp).
  13. I would say Gillette Super Nacet. Not as sharp but durable. I get at least 5 shaves from them
  14. You arent going to find anything that matches the sharpness of a Feather but theres several options out there that are almost as sharp and last longer.
    I find Kais, Dorco Primes and Personna Blues to be almost as sharp as Feathers. Some people claim Astras are too (Ive never used Astras though).
  15. Bic Chrome Platinum.

  16. Where did you find this sampler pack?
  17. abj


  18. Paul is a very good retailer and this is an excellent choice of blades - all the likely suspects.

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