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Favourite grocery store coffee brands?

Rusty Blade

I enjoy buying my coffee beans from boutique coffee shops. I also have experimented with various grocery store varieties of ground coffee...usually in a can or vacuum sealed package. There are two off-the-shelf varieties I really enjoy: McCafe (I can't believe I just said that)...and Medaglia Doro, an Italian coffee. What about you? What is your favourite grocery store ground coffee?
Big fan of Chock Full o'Nuts. That's probably my first choice. I also keep my eye out for sales, and if I see it at a lower price, I'll pick up Folgers, Maxwell House, Eight O'Clock coffee. Every once in a while, I'll step up to the upper shelf coffee. And whenever I go to Vermont, I bring back Green Mountain Coffee.

An Aldi grocery store recently opened near me and there brand of Colombian coffee is excellent. And affordable.
When i came to home brewed coffee in the mid/late 70's i started with specialty coffee shop beans so have no experience with grocery store coffee other then stocking it on the shelves back in the day.
Two of the major grocery stores here in town (Kroger & Harris-Teeter) carry fresh roasted coffee from one of the larger artisan coffee roasting houses here in town.

When I don't or can't roast (rained, snowed, sorching, lazy, etc).... I'll pick up a pound of their coffee. Usually a single origin but they do have a VERY nice 3 bean blend that I am rather fond of.

Funny thing, the grocery stores sell it for less than the roaster sells if for in their coffee shop.
I'd say peets. Was impressed with it. Not sure it's a store brand. Ive purchased whole foods store roasted beans. Seems OK nothing amazing. I tried trader joes kona and that was good.


JFG, a local roast from Knoxville, TN or 8 O’Clock 100% Columbian when I can’t find the former.
Wegmans Traditional, a medium bodied Arabica blend. Currently $2.49 for an 11oz. can.

I go through about one can a week. Its cheaper in the 33oz size, but that goes stale too fast.
I grew up on Maxwell House (MH), Original Roast coffee and at home, the Mrs. and I like MH coffee when we run out of (or forget to reorder...sigh :blush: ), Yauco Selecto Gourmet (ground), Coffee from Puerto Rico.

"[Coffee:] Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love". Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord
I can get local artisan roasted coffee at 2 local big-box grocery stores. Coffee on the grocery store shelf is between 2 and 5 days post roast so VERY fresh.
I am enjoying killer cups from a little french press and a turkish pot using 8 O'clock "The Original" brand coffee. It's the only coffee I've been able to make really good via either of these methods. Each of the local roasts I've tried in these pots have not been good. Any thoughts?
Do they all come pre-ground or are you grinding them at home and all to the same size? Some pre-ground, some ground at home?

My stab at why there's an issue.

My sister-in-law is a coffee vendor and we get fresh roasted beans from her for less than a third of retail. It is awesome coffee, but we do sometimes run out before we can connect with her so we choose "Eight o'Clock" Colombian blend as a back up.