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Fatip Grande today

I picked up one of these from the BST a while ago. I only used it a few times (I have a lot of new things to go through). I loaded a super iridium today and gave it a go with 4 days of growth. Used a TGN Silvertip Grade A with PPF Sandlewood for a 2 pass no tough up BBS. I was thinking of pass this one on but not after todays shave. It is a keeper for sure. Followed up with just a coldwater and witch hazel splash
Really glad to read your review. I purchased a Fatip Grande last night off Chicago Shaving and can't wait for it to arrive. I'll use it primarily as my travel razor. Just can't stand the mild razor I currently have designated for business trips.


I would really like to follow any reviews and updates on the Grande. I have this as my next and probably last razor acquisition for quite awhile.
I have used my Fatip/Premax 4 times now; with Rapira super stainless, Polsilver SI, Personna Lab and Feathers. The first three blades gave me a reasonably comfortable 2 or 3 pass BBS but the Feathers gave me a little post shave irritation.

Given that the Cadet/RazoRock Jaws OC gives me a BBS shave with more comfort and less effort, I have mothballed the Fatip for the present while I play with a Futur.

Next step is an ATT OC set.
I would still like to try the cadet also. It has been some time since I used the R41 but I think I will try to compare the 2 again soon. What I do know is that if I make sure I use a light hand and slick lather the Fatip worked great. This was the first 2 pass no touch up BBS ever for me
I'm going to try my Fatip with the Weber Bulldog handle once I get home! Been meaning to do that but I'm in an R41 trance at the moment :biggrin1:
I was looking hard at the FaTips on Bullgoose Shaving when I heard they were on sale/clearance. I just mindlessly stumbled onto the BST and came across an almost hidden, still available chrome Grande! I finally scored this "wish list" razor! I will be following any recent FaTip threads for tips. Please share any helpful links that you know of. Thank you gents!
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