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Fantasy Baseball

Do not know if this has been asked in the past? But wanting to know if there would be interest in a league?
Maybe for a twist a entry fee either/or related to wet shaving? Maggards gift cards, or maybe posting a item you would sacrifice to the winner??
Let me know and we can start if there is interest?


Needs milk and a bidet!
I’m not sure how we could do this with CA strict no gambling rules. But we’ll see what we can do.


Here I am, 1st again.
The San Francisco Giants trace their lineage back to a professional baseball team founded in Troy New York in the mid-1800s. In 1883, team co-owner John B. Day moved the organization to New York City. Nicknamed the “New York Gothams,” the transplanted team was New York’s first major league baseball team and began playing at the Polo Grounds. When Jim Mutrie, co-owner along with Day as well as the team’s first great manager, began affectionately referring to the players as “my giants,” the press and fans also adopted the name, and in 1885 the team was officially renamed.

The Giants were one of the most successful baseball teams anywhere, both financially and competitively. At the turn of the century, an outlaw league drove up player salaries, and the team was sold to Edward Talcott, who turned around and resold it a few years later to Andrew Freedman. By the time Freedman sold the team in 1902, he had hired the manager who for the next 30 years would be synonymous with the team: John J. McGraw. During the 30 years of McGraw’s leadership, the Giants won seven pennants and three world championships. Freedman had sold the Giants to John Brush, who renovated the Polo Grounds, hired quality players, and made the team one of the finest in the game. Brush died suddenly in 1912. His family squabbled for years over the ownership of the Giants until in 1919 Charles A. Stoneham took over the team.


Needs milk and a bidet!
if we want to start a league for nothing but bragging rights it’s a go. No $ , no prizes, no issues.