Face Lathering: how long does it take (you)?

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When I face-lather, it takes...

  1. Under 3 minutes

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  2. 3 to 7 minutes

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  3. 8 to 10 minutes

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  4. It take as long as it takes

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    About a minute or two but then I mostly use creams.
  1. Lot of good advice here. Not much to add except a +1 on the shave stick when you’re in a hurry. I almost exclusively puck lather but when i travel, it’s an Arko stick and face lathering. Between rubbing the stick on my face and ready to shave it’s under 3 minutes. It’s very effective as a time saver if you’re 100% for face lathering. If not there’s always a proraso can! If i didn’t like building a lather and using a brush so much i’d go the can route. Can’t beat it for speed; though i know many abhor the idea. But in a rush it can be great! And good canned stuff really does stack up if you get over the stigma.
  2. Yes. "Stigma" was a good choice of a word right there. Some folks can't shave without an artisan soap that's made with goats milk.

    Whatever works is what works. My old nose only deserves Arko, but I admit, some of these samples I got in PIF's smell amazing. If I was rich or could sneak it past the War Department I'd be in need of an intervention!
  3. I have sensitive skin. I get irritation from the brush if I face lather, so I bowl lather and then paint it on my face. With my best soaps, I can load the brush in 15 seconds and develop a luxurious lather in the bowl 60 seconds after that. Another 15 seconds to paint it on my face and I am good to go. In 90 seconds, I am ready to shave. Of course, with some soaps, it may take 2-3 times that long.
  4. Face lathering + 2-pass shave takes 4-5 minutes using a DE. Obviously, I can do an OK one-pass shave with a cartridge if I'm in a hurry in 2-3 minutes. Add 2 minutes for shavette or straight razor.

    Just face lathering using Proraso (red) soap and Parker Badger brush like I did this morning... I'm not 100% sure; I could do it in a minute most likely, if I was pressed for time.
  5. With the PAA Atomic Rocket it might take 30-45 seconds to wet the brush and face lather. This brush always works regardless of the soap type.
  6. Probably 15 sec to load my brush, then another minute or two to build my lather. That is once I have figured out a particular soap.
  7. Probably 2 minutes. Synthetics are magical I tell you.
  8. 10 minutes? What are you using? A toothbrush and chalk by the sounds of it!

    If time is an issue, don't use soaps which you would normally bloom (!?). A synthetic brush and a cream or croap and it will be instantaneous lather.
  9. You don’t shower in the morning? :117:
  10. I load my brush for about 20-30 seconds or if I'm using a stick rub it over my face. Start lathering and add water as needed and get a nice lather in well under 3 minutes. I use that routine with my boars, horse, badger and synth brushes and it works for me.
  11. Don't mess with him. All Pandas do only 3 things: They eat. They shoot. They make like a tree and leaf. That's it.
  12. Loading and face lathering takes about 2 minutes for me.
  13. Nope! Evening shower'er here. Fun fact (not that you asked for it), showering when I first get up gives me an upset stomach and makes me queasy.

    haha, love it!
  14. In the heat of summer a shower last thing and crawling into bed with a wet head of hair is a wonderful thing.
  15. I’m with you @ShavingPanda. Despise morning showers. Only shower/shave at night. Mornings are the pits.
  16. Barbasol work's great too, especially with a brush.


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  17. Just a minute or 2 from loading to the razor touching my face. The 3 days a week I work, I am very pressed for time with the length of my shift and commute time. My total time in the mornings before I go to bed, from waking in the bedroom still fully dressed to head hitting the pillow is 15-20 mins tops. I can still take a shower like a drill Sargent is screaming at me and then one ATG pass each face and head and I’m done. This gets me acceptable by work standards.

    The rest of the week when I’m off, it takes about an hour total, regardless of whether I shower and shave before bed or after I get up. And that just depends on what I have going on.

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  18. Barbasol Aloe was my go to for shaving cream for the better part of a decade. You’ll never hear me say a bad word about it. As i’ve said before, if i didn’t like the process of brush and soap so much i’d never have switched from the cans. I do however understand the complaints some have about it being “drier” than some of the high end soaps and creams. To me it was never an issue but i do get the criticism. To get more on topic, any of the suggestions work for you @FoolishMortal?
  19. I've shaved twice since starting the thread. I used a wetter brush, loaded less and got good, slick lather in less than three minutes.

    I think that, in the past, I was getting so much soap that I had to add a ton of water and ended up with great lather - just too much of it and too much time spent in getting it. I'll keep playing with the ratios, but I've learned that I can get just-thick-enough lather quickly.

    I think I might also have been going past that initial stage of wet lather, overworking the lather to the point of needing to build way too much. Not sure if that makes much sense as written, but the important thing is that I've got a new way to work.

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