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Exploring the world with Shavetools contest.


Spring is considered, by many, to be a time of new beginnings and new journeys. Our latest starter kit is aimed at those very types of explorations, by being an affordable kit for either the new shaver, or the shaver on the go, and this contest honors the explorer's spirit in us all.

To enter, just share either the most ambitious vacation you've ever considered taking (or have taken, for that matter), or, talk a bit about a new skill you've been exploring. The contest will run until the end of the month. The winner (CONUS only, sorry) will be determined randomly via random.org, and will receive an Explorer Starter Kit, to travel with, to learn wet shaving with, or to give to an interested friend.
This was more than just a vacation, but...Let me tell you of the time I moved halfway across the country on a gut feeling. I was young, in my early 20's, but I had been wasting my life away a bit idly spending my time taking classes at a community college in Washington State. Deep inside however I had this gut feeling that I needed to leave, go somewhere...unexpected. The more I thought about it, the more I knew, I needed to go to New Mexico. Why? I still have no idea. But I loaded up my Jeep and a trailer with all my belongings and hit the road, driving 1600 miles to a small town in the middle of no where New Mexico, enrolled in College, and have been happy since!
Please do not enter me in the contest as I am a fellow vendor but I did want to share.

The most ambitious vacation I ever took was dogsledding along the Canadian border out of Ely, MN. Our Scout troop went, we had sixteen Scouts and six dads. We broke into three separate groups, each with two guides and headed out. We spent little time going across lakes and a LOT of time going overland, in some cases cutting up logs in order to continue along the path.

This was the week before Christmas and we slept outside each night with no tents. Each individually in their own “sleeping system” which included foam pads, sleeping bag and it was all inside a nylon wind sock.

The coldest night - recorded in Ely was -17 degrees (NEGATIVE, as in below zero!). Everyone slept flat on their back on the lake with the drawstring cinched tight around their face leaving only their face showing. That morning I took one look at my son and ran for the camera. I have a pic of his face with FROST on his eyelashes and eyebrows from that morning. Whewww!
I don't know why this contest wasn't more popular, it's a well-reviewed brush (plus I find horse hair to be fantastic), a popular soap and blade, and a different razor than you normally see. I plan on gifting this to a friend who want to start wet shaving so they can start their own adventure!

Thanks Sargon and Shavetools.com!
In the summer of 1978 at just 16 years of age, I spent 9 days and 68 miles backpacking and camping through the High Sierra Mountains. There I had many of my greatest experiences.

It was there that I had the opportunity to feed a REAL BADGER (they do have nasty attitudes). Ate Rainbow Trout and Frogs legs. Both caught, cleaned and cooked by my own hand. Steamed in foil with butter and pepper. One of the most satisfying and memorable meals I have ever had.

I was blessed and surprised with the experience of meeting a passing group of three female hikers that believed whole heartedly in fully experiencing the great outdoors by backpacking topless. Had the unique experience of an August swim in a chilly mountain lake (no, not with the ladies) that still had patches of snow on it's banks feeding the water.

One late evening sitting around a long dead campfire quietly talking with friends, a young doe wandered through our camp, passing right between us. As we hushed our quiet talk and all conversation stopped, our attention pulled to this wild creature. She had such little experience and no fear of us, it was amazing. She paused looked around then gently continued strolling through our campsite and disappeared into the woods beyond. Every one us us had chills and were struck by the thought that we were just visitors in her home. This is a moment that none of us will ever forget.

During this trip I had my single greatest experience. I was resting alone in the middle of a wild flower filled high alpine meadow about mid day. Over 40 miles and at least 3 days hike from anything you could call civilization. The buzzing and clicks of insects all around. A slight breeze and with a perfect temperature that was neither too hot, nor too cool. The light filtered through the tall pines and accompanied by several very fat bumble bees. One pausing breifly on my arm out of curiosity and with no harm intended at all. It was at that time that I felt with every fibre of my being that life as we know it could not be some cosmic accident. That we are all, but a tiny part of something greater and more complete that ourselves.

Though I have camped and backpacked many times before and since, this was the greatest adventure of my life. Made even greater by the fact that it is true and could not have been dreamed of if I had tried. These memories alone have provided me with riches that can never be taken!