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Essential Fountain / Rollerball pen

Woohoo! :a50:

Couldn't resist the Cartridge Roller ball System, order placed!

Hopefully am in the first 50 (Fingers Crossed):biggrin1:
We are a useless bunch aren't we. I just ordered one in Medium Stub with the roller ball attachment and as soon as I clicked pay now I noticed that I had my old address on the paypal account!!! DOH email sent!
Went with the CRS. I already have a 27 with a medium italic nib and would really like the FC Model 29 and 19 with stub nibs.
My post number is #48 assuming that most if not all people would have stated that they bought one and with what nib I think I would have got in just in time. And now all posts are 'I got one' so I think even a couple more posts should be in also!
OK, I'm in for a medium stub in steel. If I'm not in the first 50, no worries, I like late Christmas presents. :thumbsup:

I have wanted to try a crs rolloerball for a bit now. What is the maintenance for swapping out the ink and taking care of the pen. I don't use my fountain pens much and have a bad habit of leaving them inked for long periods of time.
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