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Essential Fountain / Rollerball pen

:a50: :a50: B&B's Essential Pen :a50::a50:
This one is not just for Fountain Pen Users!
Brought to you by The Franklin-Christoph Pen Company
Just in time for The Holidays!

The B&B team is very pleased to announce the Badger and Blade Essential Pen. We are delighted to work with Scott from The Franklin-Christoph Pen Company. The pen will be based off of the Franklin Christoph Model 27 "Collegia" in the Tuxedo pattern. The Tuxedo pattern will have a black body with chrome accents. The pen will be available as a Fountain Pen, a Traditional Rollerball (uses ink refills) or as a Cartridge Roller System allowing you to use Fountain Pen ink to fill the converter for the Rollerball pen. And for those not sure they would like to use a Fountain Pen all of the time, a kit has been added to allow you to change out the fountain pen nib and section to either the traditional Rollerball section or CRS Rollerball section.

The Fountain pen will be available in Steel nibs, widths include extra-fine, fine, medium and broad. In addition, Scott from F-C is allowing us to choose from the wide range of specialty nibs ground by the famed Nibmaster Mike Masuyama at NO additional charge, exclusively for this B&B Essential Pen.

♦ Markings will include the badger logo laser engraved on the top finial, as well as Badger and Blade around the bottom cap ring. The traditional four diamonds F-C markings will be layered on the clip.

♦ Cartridge / Converter (1 of each included) for fountain pens and CRS Rollerballs. Piper 888 refills for traditional rollerballs

♦ Spring Loaded Clips / Chrome Plated Trim

♦ Fountain Pens are available in factory Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. Additionally, custom ground nibs are available in needlepoint, medium italic, broad italic, medium stub, and broad stub. Custom nibs are ground by nib master Michael Masuyama.

♦ Designer's note: The FP and RB will post, but are a touch top heavy, so you may prefer writing without posting cap.

♦ Lifetime Warranty. Gift Box included. 30 Day Return Policy.


The price for the pens will be:
Fountain Pen $69.50
Traditional Rollerball $59.50
CRS Rollerball $59.50.
Rollerball Sections (traditional or CRS) $20.00

Measurements are 5.5 inches capped. Posted 6.5 inches. Diameter .48 inches. Weight 1.65 oz.

Prices will include Shipping, to the entire World! As stated, specialty nibs are included, as well as Franklin-Christoph's Life Time Warranty (check website for details).

To order your pen, Click this link, http://www.franklin-christoph.com/badger-and-blade.html, and order directly from the F-C Site.

We hope to have the pen on sale on a regular basis, but act fast because the first 50 pens ordered by
December 1, 2012 are guaranteed to arrive to you before Christmas!

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I love the looks of the pen. Although the last thing I need is another fountain pen, I can't see myself resisting this one.
I'm stuck, I don't know if I want an XF, F, M nib? Is this the time for me to try my hand at an Italic or a stub? Wait, they also offer it as a rollerball and cartridge fill rollerball? Too many choices!!! I think I need some alone time... Too many choices for a Friday.
Hey gang, Scott Franklin here. I'll keep an eye on the thread to answer any questions.

Notes about the Model 27

This is our entry level pen, but we feel it is a lot of pen for the price. It's kind of bullet proof in construction. It is definitely a thinner model, so keep that in mind. It feels light weight when you write with just the barrel. We designed the threads with just a 3/4 turn so that while the cap is secure it's a quick on and off. The pen can be filled via standard int'l cartridges (same as Pelikan, Montblanc, etc) which are easily found even at the big box office supply stores. You can fit two cartridges in each barrel for traveling convenience. You can also use your favorite bottled ink of course by using the converter, which is included with the pen.

The Cap:

One nuance about the cap is that it is a real snug fit on the end of the barrel when you first post it. That loosens up just slightly after a few postings until the cap posts fully and comfortably on the barrel, remaining always secure. When posted, the pen is heavier as the cap has a lot going on in it. Made of brass underneath, with chrome on top it is almost all metal (as is the barrel). It also has a spring loaded system in the top of the cap, with clip arm, spring and screw that you can't see due to the inner cap, which reduces air flow in the cap keeping the nib wet.

The clip:

This clip uses one of our spring loaded designs, which means there is always pressure on the clip to remain firm against the cap. The smooth underside, and upturn at the end of the clip makes it easy to slide in a pocket, and firm enough to hold in place. We set our spring loaded systems to be firmer than your average pen, as the design of the clip gives it optimum performance in and out of a pocket.

The Nibs:

We offer a wide array of nibs, including factory EF, F, M, and B. Also, at no extra charge, we offer the specialty nibs as described above which are hand ground by nib master Michael Masuyama. One note if you are unsure of what might be the specialty nib for you - although we have Mr. Masuyama grind the italic nibs to be "cursive italic" which means a little more tip surface is rounded and touching the paper, italics are always going to be a little sharper than the stubs. The stubs are essentially italic nibs that are smoother and have yet more surface touching the paper, and are really best for every day handwriting and signatures for most people. So we recommend the stub unless you are familiar with using an italic. Of course, the F, M, and B are the most common and are very smooth with rounded tips.

Here is a graphic to describe the difference between a true italic, cursive italic, and stub. (remember our italics are cursive italics)


More information about the nibs can be found on this information page: http://www.franklin-christoph.com/specialty-nib-info.html

The Model 27 takes the #5 size nib. We offer this in either high performance steel, or 18K. This pen is most popular in HP Steel, as the gold nib costs more than the pen itself - but we are now offering the option. Gold nibs are going to be a little softer, thereby spreading the tines a little more with your handwriting pressure and so will put more ink on the paper, writing "wetter." Keep in mind however that the HP Steel nibs are very well made and designed and as close to gold as a steel nib can be. Many prefer the performance of the steel.

Each order will come with a black and creme' Franklin-Christoph Gift Box and warranty card. These pens have a lifetime warranty, of which you can read more about here: http://www.franklin-christoph.com/warranty.html

As stated, the first 50 sold by Dec. 1st we'll guarantee shipment in time to be received by Dec. 20th.

We are delighted to be doing this project for B&B, and if you have any questions at all, I'll be checking in this thread regularly.


Scott F.
Thank you Scott, it's great to have you on board here as a vendor and to be facilitating this project with us.
By request - as a special offer to B&B we've added the ability to order just a rollerball or CRS section to the page.

This means with a fountain pen you can order a traditional rollerball section or cartridge roller system section to convert your fountain pen, for just $20. The traditional rollerball includes the section, a black Piper 888 refill, and a spring. The CRS includes the section, the CRS tip, and a converter.

Keep in mind that if you select this option, when you change from fountain pen to rollerball, you'll want to flush out and clean your fountain pen section. Same with the CRS, as you don't want ink to leak out wherever you put it or to dry up inside the feed. If you think you'd be using both regularly, it will likely be more convenient to buy an additional pen. If you think you would just changeover every now and then, this might be a good option for you.
Wow, what a cool pen. Scott is designing some beautiful gear. It's hard to blend classic and contemporary, but I think that FC really did it here. I ordered mine in medium stub. It's a treat to have Mike Masuyama doing the nibs too. He rescued a badly damaged Montblanc nib for me--he's a true artist.
Well, that was about the shortest amount of time that B&B has taken to separate me from my money.

I really, really, really don't need another fountain pen, but the cartridge rollerball idea destroyed my ability to resist. (And it looks like I can always go back for a FP if I have to.)
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