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GIVEAWAY! Fountain Pen and Ink - Free to a UK Address!


I smell like a Christmas pudding
Gentlemen - I am offering a fountain pen and ink, free including postage, to a UK address.

Here are the details:

A Campo Marzio Forbes fountain pen in cherry red with a size 4 iridium point nib. I would describe this as very smooth, with some flex - finer than my Cross medium nib but not as fine as my Pelikan fine nib. The pen has a brass shaft and components and weighs 80g uninked, it is approximately 140mm in length when capped, 170mm posted, and 130mm unposted. The pen can take cartridges but a converter is included which is a push-in type, not screw-in. The pen features high quality lacquer and the cap clicks on and off. This has been inked with Pelikan 4001 Red only and has since been flushed with filtered water.

Also included is a 62.5ml glass bottle of Cross Blue/Black ink with at least 50ml of ink remaining.

I am not expecting huge/any interest in this so will leave it open for a while - just say you are in if interested. I can deliver to a UK postal address only.







I smell like a Christmas pudding
We have our first interested party :D I will leave this going until the weekend in case anyone else puts their name into the hat 👍


I smell like a Christmas pudding
The PIF is now closed. The random number generator has selected...... drum roll ........... @Marco63 as the lucky winner 😂

Please send me a PM with your address details and I will post the pen and ink as soon as possible.
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