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Epsilon Scottish Spirit and Epsilon Amber

I googled these Epsilon lotions, and got linked to Maggards. Not a thing is mentioned about the scents on their website. Typical. Some so-called online retail geniuses are weak at the "details of retail". Looks like you will have to ask Maggards-good luck. Hope you get your answer. Frankly, I wouldn't give Maggards a penny of my money after they botched my last order and their skimpy way of trying to correct their mistakes. Yes mistakes, as in more than one.
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Scottish Spirit is supposed to be like Clubman Whiskey Woods. Amber will be take on Floid Amber if I'm not mistaken.
I got a bottle of the Amber from Maggard recently. It's mentholated. The amber scent is relatively sweet and has a vanilla/benzene note to it. The post-shave feel is good. It isn't a perfect match for the EdC I was hoping to pair it with but it's good in its own right and very attractively priced.