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Ebay Razor Aquisition ID?

Picked up 4 razors on EBay.

The Injector is easy to recognize; anyone know what the other 3 are?


I already have a PAL Adjustable but wanted to try out a DE and the Old injector.
Hopefully one of the DE's I got is decent?

(Auction was: 200019990137 if that helps)

From my limited knowlwedge I think the one on the left is an older Gillette Tech, the one in the middle might be a superspeed from the forties or early fifties, and the small one on the right could be a gillette travel razor.

I'm sure someone else will chime in and correct me if I am wrong.:confused1
You guys are quick!

Well those are certainly model names I recognize; if you were making a first go with a DE any suggestions on which of the 3 to start with?

I would probably start with the Superspeed. The travel is really short so it would be hard to start with and I have no experience with that vintage of Tech razor so I can't comment on the shave. The SuperSpeed is a great starter.
Sounds like a plan.

Have to keep an eye on the mailbox for this and my blade sampler pack ;)

From personal experience I can suggest the Superspeed as a great starter. But the Injector is also. And others consider that Tech an even more forgiving DE than the Superspeed. So, honestly, you really can't go wrong. Except for the travel - that short little handle can't make things easier.
Hands down the best first razor is the Tech on the left. Many other men on the board have started this way with great results.

The super speed is a terrific razor and I use one sometimes. But it is not as forgiving as the tech- You are in an enviable position with so many choices,the trap is that when you start shaving and your learning curve hits a bump you will want to razor hop-pick the Tech -SS-injector and stick with it for 90 days. 6 months from now you will be able to use a different one every day and get a good shave. Its the hand behind the razor not the razor that gets you a great shave.

Newbies chime in here.
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