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DSC AX - Poleaxe Ti - Which blade gaps?

Yes, and the scalloped bar is quite accurately machined.

The stand is actually from Yaqi. I’ll PM you the link to the product on AE. The hole is 14 mm and the Destroyer handle will fit nicely. Alternatively, the razor can be stored horizontally if you should have some with a wider handle. I might get another one for my Rocca.

The stand won’t cost much, but you may need to fill the order a bit, so that shipping will be worthwhile.

My second shave with the AX Ti 1.55mm. I simply couldn’t wait until Monday to try this head again. So I loaded a Suneko, lathered up enough soap and cream for five passes, and only did two, and started this Saturday with one of the best shaves I have ever had. An easy going BBS with no irritation or any blood letting.

I’m very glad that I listened to the advice of all of you who have tried the AX, as I can almost say that this is the best razor in my lineup, but I’ll still need a few more shaves to be sure. So far the AX is a keeper.
I used my Poleaxe-Ti 1.35 with a brand new Feather.

I could accept this if it were my only option ever. The only problem is that I’ve tasted the nectar of the gods - the LOI titanium - and about shave 4 on the Feather I would recall how great a LOI feels even on shave 10.
After using the zamac AX, I am anxiously awaiting the Stainless to be available again. I have not tried the 1.55 plate yet, it is next in the line up. After using the other two plates, I can only guess it will be just as smooth with a closer shave.
I just received my AX-SE, Romulus, S9, and cheapo Yaqi half DE head in the mail. I’m not sure which I’m going to try first but am leaning towards the AX tonight.

It was so hard to read the numbers I decided to check the blade gap to make sure they were different and label them. With my feeler gauges the blade gaps were around:

1.) 1.05
2.) 1.30
3.) 1.42

The numbers aren’t how they’re labeled since 2 is the most aggressive I believe. It’s hard to read them so I just labeled them myself with a sharpie 1-3 instead of trying to look at their horrible lettering.
While I’m at it the blade gap for the others I’ve tested so far:

S9 - .91
Romulus - .67
Yaqi SE half DE head - 1.03
Rocca R94 - 1.12 (why is this so high I wonder)
ASD2 - .69
GC .84s I have 3 ranging from - .86-.90
GC .68 - .80 (no idea why it’s so high)
ATT R1 - .61
Muhle R89 - .51
Yaqi 89 - .67
Very old DE89 - .78 (Much more efficient then newer ones)
RazoRock MJ90A - 1.30 (much higher then expected)
Henson Medium - .72

I’m no expert, these readings may not be correct but I guesstimated them as well as I could.
I wonder how the ChiCom Copyof Wolf WR - 2 gap coinside with real wolf.
I would love to know as well. If I like this AX-SE a lot I’ll likely order my preferred gap in the SS version from DSC and potentially order a Wolfman as well. But it would be nice to know if the gaps behave the same.

You hear a lot of people loving the .95-1.15 range for Wolfmans but these AX-SE ones start out at that upper range. I know others buy much higher gapped WR2 razors but the majority seems to favor the .95-1.15ish range from what I’ve read.
@WVShaver Hi, maybe I'll buy mine next month at choice days.

I am impatient to read your review, I have a sensitive skin and wonder if the smallest gap would suit me.

I've been thinking for a month about which handle to buy with the head.
@WVShaver Hi, maybe I'll buy mine next month at choice days.

I am impatient to read your review, I have a sensitive skin and wonder if the smallest gap would suit me.

I've been thinking for a month about which handle to buy with the head.
Is choice days a sale on Ali? This is my first order from there and I wasn’t sure how often they have sales. I also ordered the Shield GEM razor but haven’t received it yet.

I wish my beard grew quicker so I could test out all these new razors and blades. It’s going to take awhile before I’m done testing. I will probably use the highest gap of the AX-SE first to see if it’s comfortable and if not I’ll switch plates for a lower gap.

Later this year I also want a Timeless 68-95, Lamda Athena, and La Faulx and if I can swing it a couple more like the new Sabre, Aylsworth Apex, Standos, Blackbird, GameChanger 105, more Yaqi/DSc stuff and probably some others I’m forgetting.

There are just too many great razors out there and most of the ones I don’t have are the expensive ones. I’ll likely work my way through them and sell off my least favorites after I’m done and have a nice rotation afterwards.

On handles I always use my RazoRock BarberPole or RadioKnobs. For the AX-SE I ordered handle 2 which is the same as the RazoRock HD handle and it was superb quality. Almost identical to the RR variety. I don’t like it as well as the longer RR handles but it’s a nice choice. I haven’t tried any other handle from Yaqi/DS yet and doubt I do as long as you can buy RR ones for $15-20 new. I need to post up a WTB ad for more RadioKnobs at some point. They’ve really grew on me.
I tried the most aggressive AX-SE plate a couple days ago with a new GSB and the first pass felt a little rough/aggressive but 2nd pass was wonderful. Today I tried the middle plate 1.35 gap with a new Rubie blade and it was very smooth and efficient. I’ll likely try the more aggressive plate again with the Rubie to make sure it wasn’t a fluke but the middle plate is definitely a winner for me and a heck of a deal for $20.

On that first shave I also tried a few swipes with the Yaqi Romulus using a Kai original blade and it was very smooth but wasn’t cutting the hair very well so I stopped using it and finished up both sides with the AX-SE.

Today I did the same with trying the Shield GEM on left side of my face and it felt very harsh so I stopped quickly and finished with the AX-SE.

I’m not sure if my issues with the Shield GEM, and Romulus are angle related or perhaps blade related. I’ve had no issues with the Micromatic OC or Schick Injectors I’ve used in the past month. So only time and more shaving will let me know.

So far the AX-SE is the best of the Ali razors I’ve tried. I still have the S9 to try and believe it’ll be a winner since the GameChanger .84p is my daily.
Well the one thing I know 110% China is capable of make fine products. Friend use China to manufacture a line of Cigar Accessories, all are solid, made great, and the quality control in as good as anyone else.

Another friend is in Pool Case Business, again using his employee in China to turn out top notch Pool Cue Cases.

I have a SECOND AKA BLEM BRUSH I purchase from AliExpress, I can not find the balm, it was under $8.00 delivered. The Wolf clones look interesting, and their price point is very attractive.
I was looking at the weight of the Ti AX and a Ti handle. Looks like an 85mm Ti handle with the Ti head would weigh in at ~67grams. That would make it about the same as some of my vintage Gillettes. I have also read that Ti has a softer face feel. For those of you with the Ti AX, are you using a Ti handle as well? I may be talking myself into trying a Ti version.
For those of you with the Ti AX, are you using a Ti handle as well?

This is a titanium handle, one of two I have from DS Cosmetic. Both have a very decent grip and are just slightly heavier than aluminum, lighter than a hollow (R89) handle.

I think the balance and weight are so close to perfect that it couldn't likely be improved. Titanium threads are known to be somewhat brittle, so I won't be using either handle except with their respective titanium heads.

I had the DSC Ti Destroyer handle first, using it with my R89 head. Somehow I wanted to have a Ti head with that handle and found the AX.

I think the Destroyer handle is a bit heavier than other DSC Ti handles, it is rather wide; its length is also 90 mm. In combination with the AX head the razor weighs exactly 68g. Although that is about half the weight of my brass DSC V92, the AX Ti razor is incredibly well balanced and performs remarkably well. Despite the lower weight compared to my other razors I always feel in full control of the AX and can feel exactly what it is doing at any point during my shaves. I don’t feel that amount of control and feedback with my R89, it does feel too light for me. But that could just be a very subjective experience on my part. The R89 felt a lot better for me with the Ti Destroyer handle.
So far, using the zamac AX trio, I have determined that the 1.55 is too much for me to use every day. It provides a great shave but I end up with growing irritation on the right side of my neck. The 1.15 is very smooth and is almost an autopilot shave. I am leaning toward the 1.35 as a daily driver. The shave with the 1.35 lasts much longer than the 1.15 without any growing irritation. Tomorrow I will switch from the 1.15 back to the 1.35. I did not know the AX had been available for so long. I thought it was a recent release but I am finding reviews going back to early 2023. Still waiting for the stainless heads to be back in stock.
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