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Does everyone let the weight of the razor do the work?

You could do either of those vids with a fairly dull razor and still have it look legit....no?
You could do either of those vids with a fairly dull razor and still have it look legit....no?
Yes, I think you're right, and FWIW I'd be especially surprised if the movie was shot with a sharp razor. But it doesn't matter to me. As I tried to explain, the clips are for me an appealing and memorable illustration of important concepts - hover the blade at skin level with no pressure, and shave the lather. The clips don't have to be unvarnished reality footage to be useful reminders, at least not for me, and I called them "tongue-in-cheek" intending to express that they should not be taken too seriously.
Depends on the razor and handle weight plus balance. For example I do (for the most part) when using my "195", Black Beauty and Big Fellow.
For me this is the best answer. Every razor is different. Blade gap, balance, SE vs. DE, blade feel. I always default toward letting the razor do the work however I have shaved with a few that require something different. That is why I love shaving with different razors. I always learn something new. Usually though, letting the razor do the work is the right answer. If I'm not getting a good shave with that in mind the culprit is usually blade angle. When altering my angle doesn't work then I might try some very slight pressure...often with bad results.

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The advice to "let the razor do its work"applies primarily to metal razors, not to plastic razors.

But to answer the question, the answer is No. If they did there would seldom be cuts and nicks.
I find that a lot of people think that the whiskers should be removed immediately on the first pass. Notice what I just said? First pass? Depending on the coarseness of one's whiskers, it may be necessary for two or three passes for a close shave. Using heavy pressure is a recipe for irritation and or cuts with the accompanying blood loss. Repetition and time are what is necessary to learn what is needed for each different razor used.

For me the sweet spot is using very light pressure. Over the years, using the right razor, the right blade and the right technique, my shave has improved. My goal is for a close, comfortable shave.
Today as I was shaving I thought maybe the right way to say it is simply that you “use your fingertips to guide the razor”.

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