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Does anyone else go ATG first pass?

This is a great virtue to be cultivated when wet shaving...saves blood loss! -You could also try a milder razor it the strain in concentration is too much....
I have changed my mind about it. Today I achieved what is possibly my best shave so far today using first pass AGT and a mild razor (Gillette New LC) and it was pretty "easy" shave (in terms of required attention). I'd like to keep trying this with my daily drive Ikon Tek or R41 and see if I can achieve the same quality shave. I think this will improve my technique.
I shave ATG first and second (last) pass on the neck. Sometimes I do a J stroke ATG if I want to get a really close shave on a difficult spot.
I only have a few razors and soaps that I will do this with. . . .but it has become my most typical way to shave. I have very coarse stubble that grows fast, but I shave every day.

I started doing this "by mistake" when I would jump by muscle memory into ATG without thinking if I had done any previous passes. Half way through the ATG pass, I would realize it was my first pass. This was after I had found a few razors and soaps I really liked. Prior to this I would quickly notice my mistake immediately if going right to ATG on first pass. Now, it is not a mistake.

I touch up with a shave balm, HA or GD serum. This lets me get a little closer having a thin slick coating. Still, I am always doing my best to go ATG (maximizing feedback with angle and direction) until feedback ceases. Best shaves this way. The only downside is that if I miss a whisker, I really miss it.
I accidentally went ATG on my first pass yesterday. I then did a second pass XTG (and skipped a third pass). My shave felt slightly less smooth (but also with less irritation). That said, I managed to get a BBS.

Going forward, I may just cut down my passes to XTG (or maybe WTG) and ATG. However, I doubt I'll continue starting my shaves by going with an ATG pass.
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