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Does anyone else go ATG first pass?

I have tried going WTG and I don't know why but ATG feels right. Mind you I had to do some dry shaving in the army with carts.....so guess I am a glutton for punishment.
I did years ago, when I used cartridge razors. No wonder I never enjoyed shaving then, and wound up with a nick about a third of the time. ATG for a first pass might be interesting now that I have some technique, and know what a shave should feel like.


The grain of my beard on my neck goes in so many directions that it is impossible for me to go WTG on all parts in my first pass. So, I have determined which is the predominant direction of WTG and go in that direction even though it may ATG in some places.
I tried ATG on the first pass on my left cheek this morning. That is to say, one partial stroke ATG.

It felt less like shaving and more as if I were pulling the hairs out. I shifted back to WTG.


The Aussie Bulldog
No, ATG is always my last pass regardless of what razor I am using. If it works for you then that is cool.

Raven Koenes

My precious!
I usually do only ATG if I’m using a razor that clamps the blade down moderately well. When careful, they give me the smoothest shaves with the least irritation.

When not careful, starting ATG makes everything worse.
Thom, Isn't that BOSC in your signature line? Hmmmmm. :cuppa:
No, but I’ve found that I can get buy with a two pass shave going XTG on the first pass and ATG on the second and final pass. But the blade needs to be a sharp one (Feather).
ATG on the first pass might work for those with tough skin and a light beard. For my sensitive skin and fast-growing, tough beard, no way, no how. Even with super-sharp blades, I get slight tugging on my first pass WTG. In order to go ATG, I would need to administer an anesthetic.
WTG + ATG + pickups seems to work well for myself. 3 pass on very mild razors sometimes works well also WTG+XTG+ATG + any pickups.
It depends, we discussed that at length here:

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