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Do you squeeze your brush bristles?

[FONT=&quot]When you are ready to whip-up some lather with your brush & soap, do you give your brush a squeeze or do you just shake out the excess water?

[FONT=&quot]I find it depends on the soap I am using. For example it seems Arko likes more water, so I just give my brush a couple of light shakes for Arko. For MWF I do squeeze the brush.

[FONT=&quot]Do you squeeze your brush bristles?
It depends on the what I am using...I have been 3017'ing a tub of shave cream so squeeze the knot to minimize water exchange. If I was using a soap then a good shake would be all I need.


Cella and other soft soaps get a light shake, they tend to be thirsty. Mama Bear and Col. Conk get a light squeeze, otherwise the lather is way too wet. I treat most soaps like they can't stand too much water, then add water as needed
Squeeze and then shake, always. Much easier to correct dry lather than wet runny lather. I agree it depends on what product you are using, but I'm not that in tune with the intricacies of all the varieties I have, so I start in the same place every time and adjust accordingly.
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Both. Depends on whether my hand is already wet. IF it is, I'll squeeze the bristles, if it is dry I will use the drop twice method (hold the brush bristles down and rapidly move the brush toward the sink stopping abruptly which lets any access water drop out of the bristles)
No, I stopped squeezing. For me, it removes too much water.

I have found that you need water to properly load the brush, and with too little water, you get too little soap, and too little lather. Lightly shaking the brush seems to work best for me.