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Do you remove your SE blades between shaves (AC)?

I only remove my SE carbon blades between shaves and spray them with a little brut to help stop the rusting. AC blades are SS I think so no need to remove.
I remove blade from my DE razors after every shave, wash them, pat dry them and later on put it in the wrap that they came in.

In case of Feather Artist Club razor particularly Kamisori, I remove the blade after every shave, pat dry them and leave them in the drawer in a plate.

I open and clean the Kamisori head 'clamp' each time I dispose a blade, so once every 8-10 shave.

Rusting is not an issue, I just prefer a clean set-up in each shave.
No. Completely unnecessary. I leave my AC blades in until they are dull. I run three shavettes, shave four times a week, and rotate razors, sometimes getting 16 shaves per blade. As a consequuence, my AC blades sometimes stay in the razor for three months before I take them out. No problems whatsoever.
I do dry them after shaving (while they are in the razor, using a towel) and leave my folding razors not completely closed for about 24 hours after shaving.
Thanks for the replies gents.

It seems the consensus is that most folks that use SE blades (excluding injectors) treat them in the same way they do DE blades. Most remove them for rinsing/drying after every shave and some don‘t. 👍

As a SE newbie in his 50’s, I thank the fine folks of B&B.


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To answer the OP's question, no .. I put a new one in my lone shavette safety razor (ATT SE OC) at the first of the month (like today) at the same time I swap out the monthly DE blade, two injectors and a GEM style SE. They are roughly but by no means scientifically rotated through the month, then all changed again .. The DE, AC & GEM are all taken out, hand rinsed & hand stropped, then given an alcohol dip before returning to the razor, like Eben reports above.

If any start to tug during the month they are replaced at that point - doesn't happen often ..

I think the AC shavette blades are most akin to the injectors - which most don't swap out shave by shave.
Nope. I keep my AC blades in my Vector and DE blades in my Karve between uses. Seeing as how I rinse everything off after the shave, and it's soap we're using them with, I don't see the point in a seperate cleaning. I pat the razor handles dry before putting them back on the stand but not the blades.
On my AC shavette I remove the blade, as well as on my DE's, DE shavettes and my Ever Ready SE. My injector razors are the exception to this.


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I remove the blade from my safety razors, rinse, pat dry, and put back. In my AC barber razor, I rinse and pat dry without removing it.
On my AC shavette I remove the blade, as well as on my DE's, DE shavettes and my Ever Ready SE. My injector razors are the exception to this.
The AC blade is really nothing more then an extended injector blade. If the injector blade doesn't need to be removed and dried, neither does the AC.


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Well I think we have thoroughly answered the OP's question :laugh: -- but I want to add my 2-cents, which I believe has been covered above in some form or fashion by my distinguished colleagues. So let's do the run down:
  • DE Razors: remove the blade after shaving, rinse it thoroughly, carefully pat dry and put it back in it's little envelope. Now sometimes that used blade is kept in a general area to be used with another razor, or if the razor has a case, then I'll keep that particular razor in the case with the razor. Having well into the double-digits of various DE razors, and the blades being so cheap, I don't mind letting the razor "have" it's own blade, but I don't store it in the razor -- I'm not sure why, I guess I think the blade will be more "protected" in it's flimsy wax paper holder.

  • GEM Razors: same as above (no envelope, but usually has a protective cardboard strip that I keep attached with a little painters tape. An exception is for those GEM'ish razors that take a modified GEM-style blade as a proxy for their proprietary blade. The Dandy, the Eagle Lather Catcher and a dozen or so others. The

  • Injector Razors: unless they are "removable" -- as in an Enders razor, or my Schick Type D -- they stay in the razors.

  • AC Razors: remove after shaving to clean and dry the blade, but I put it back in the razor. I only have 2 AC razors, and I find them a bit more fiddly to put back in than a DE, and for early morning and night shaves, I don't often have the dexterity or mental acuity to easily accomplish the task

  • Hair Shaper blades for my Weck's and Hess razors: same as the AC -- remove, rinse, dry and re-insert.
Best advice: do what works best for you.
I only use Schick injectors and GEM style SE's but I never remove a blade until it is time to change it. TBO I don't take out DE blades either until it is time to change.
@SharpieB How are you liking the Hawk? I started venturing into se/ac razors not too long ago myself and love it. As for the blade, I use ine blade until its done, so I leave it in, and when it's time to toss the blade, thats when I take my razor apart, clean, dry, next blade (same that I do for my de's).
Once I load a blade into my DE or SE razors, it stays there until I'm ready to dump it. All this fussing and multiple handling of small, fragile, razor-sharp slivers of metal seem like a problem waiting to happen. That being said, I do thoroughly rinse the razor (and installed blade) in hot water, shake it dry, dip it briefly into a small jar of isopropyl alcohol, shake it off again, and let it finish drying on a shelf until the next use. Maybe I'm missing out on one or two extra shaves by not fiddling with the blades, but they only cost pennies. Stitches in my fingers would cost a lot more. :ohmy:
DE blades stay in the razor; I loosen the head after a shave, run it under the tap to rinse, tighten it back up and put it away.

SE blades get taken out for a rinse under the tap and returned to the razor, which is put away.

Injectors are rinsed and put away. Every once in a while I'll open the Hydro-Magic Type I for a rinse, but not every time I use it.

The only blades that are treated differently are the carbon blades I use in my Shake Sharp razor, and the Personna Pathology blades that go in my Durham razors. The DE (usually Treet) blades get removed, rinsed and dried along with the razor, returned to the razor, and put away for tomorrow's shave. The Personna Pathology blades are removed, rinsed, palm stropped, and then returned to the rinsed and dried razor.

Any more fiddling and diddling with razors and blades would just suck all the fun out of it for me.

I just picked up my first SE razor (Razorock Hawk) and I am curious if you folks using similar razors remove your KAI, Schick or Feather SE blades between use?

Not everyone removes their DE blades between uses either, but I generally do.

I rinse and dry my Ever Ready and GEM SE razors after every shave, but don't remove and wash the blades. When I change blades, I give my razors a Dawn wash using a toothbrush. I recently bought a 1930s Ever Ready travel razor which came with a period blade in it. I had to use a knife to pry out the stuck blade, but there was no damage or discoloration to the razor.
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